What I Wore In New Orleans

Ever wonder what goes on in other people's suitcases? Today, I'm taking you along on a behind-the-scenes look at what I wore on my recent trip to New Orleans!

Along the way, I'm sharing a few style tips you can use when you're traveling and even just planning your summer wardrobe. 

By the way, while I was there, I even had a blast helping a client streamline her closet – New Orleans style!

New Orleans is mostly casual, but ANYTHING goes from shorts and a tank top to full on sequined dresses! I did wear shorts and t’s a couple of days, but they definitely weren’t photo worthy…although, I got compliments all day from strangers on my $8 Old Navy Pineapple T-go figure!

*Not all of these pictures were taken in New Orleans, but they’re all things I took and wore. Oddly, we didn’t take a ton of pictures...

So without much further adieu...

What I wore in New Orleans

Travel Day Comfort: What I Wore on the Plane

If you follow me, you know I  love these incredibly comfy pants by Maeve! They look put together, but feel like pajamas.(My pattern isn't available anymore, but Anthropologie has tons of other cute travel-ready colors and patterns in a large range of inclusive sizes.)

 STYLE TIP: I always advise wearing a jacket or cardigan for travel in case the plane is cold; however...My added jacket was actually a bit much – the plane was a hotbox! (That said, it's a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe!) 

If you’re interested in any of the pieces, just click on each picture to take you to all the details to shop. I may make a small commission when you shop, but there’s never an additional charge to you. Thanks for trusting me to  help you be your most stylish self. Click here to go to my storefront and see everything in greater detail.

Printed cropped pants personal stylist, Dana Lynch, wore in New Orleans

What I wore to New Orleans' Commander’s Palace

Commander’s Palace is a famous New Orleans Restaurant, and believe it or not, they have a dress code. We even had to go out and buy a sport coat for my husband, so we wouldn't be turned away, LOL! 

STYLE TIP: I chose this eyelet dress, because it has a dressy feel to it. It's a style I'll also wear for weddings, fundraising luncheons, fancy teas and other events where I want a special look and feel. 

Conversely, because the dress is cotton, it can be dressed down with white leather sneakers, a white denim jacket and simpler jewelry. 

Fuschia dress worn by Dana Lynch

Mother's Day brunch in the Big Easy!

What I wore to a New Orleans jazz concert

My husband is a huge jazz fan, so we caught a Stanton Moore Trio concert at The Columns Hotel, a gorgeous historic hotel. 

My lemon print sundress is a favorite I’ve had for a couple of years. It's cool, comfy and super versatile.

STYLE TIP: My dress is a petite! Even though I'm 5'6", I have a super short torso, and the missy size fit kind of wonky. The petite size, although a little shorter in length, was a perfect fit!

If you have a short torso, petite dresses will fit better most of the time. If you're not crazy about the length, often you can let the hem down. 

A crepe sundress like this one is another style that can be dressed up or down…We had dinner before the concert at a great Israeli restaurant and then walked to The Columns, so I was glad I was able to wear these sneakers.

Lemon print sundress personal stylist, Dana Lynch, wore In New Orleans

What I wore sightseeing in New Orleans…on a really hot day! 

This dress from Michael Stars is so lightweight! You seriously don’t feel like you’re wearing anything. I highly recommend it for anywhere hot. 

STYLE TIP: If you’re not a dress gal, Michael Stars has lots of pieces in the gauze, and I can see a matched set (pants & top) working really well for a casual conference in the tropics.*

I've been wearing MS t's since I first discovered them in California in the early '00's 🤩! Their super soft, ruched tank tops are a client favorite and also work really well with summer skirts. 

*Lots of my clients tell me they have these, lucky ducks!

Personal Stylist, Dana Lynch wearing a hot pink Gauze dress on a beautiful New Orleans hotel

Ha! This pic really is in NOLA!

What I wore the MOST in New Orleans

You know by now that I don’t keep many secrets here—I wore this dress multiple times!! (And I don’t really remember where all I wore it, possibly the result of too many cocktails?) 

This dress is another find from Anthropologie. My whole wardrobe's not from Anthro, but they have lots of great cotton dresses.

STYLE TIP: I highly recommend a dress like this for hot weather travel:

  • It’s super easy to pop on-just one snap. 
  • It’s a dark print that doesn’t show spots or wrinkles.
  • It’s 100% cotton, super swishy and cool. 
  • It doesn’t touch your tummy, so you can eat ALL you want.**

**This is a big one for me, especially because my waist isn’t so small and waists of pants and some dresses can be tight on me. 

Dana Lynch wearing her favorite navy printed tent dress

And that’s a wrap of what I wore in New Orleans! I wore mostly dresses and didn’t worry too much about mix and match. And I stuck to a couple of colors, so I didn’t have to remember a bunch of jewelry combos. 

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