Let's Make Your Wardrobe as Amazing as You!

I partner with highly successful, ambitious women craving a wardrobe refresh, so they can head out every day feeling fabulous and confident, ready to slay the day!

Elevate Your Look

Does Your Wardrobe Reflect the Successful Woman You Are?

Imagine a life where every outfit oozes confidence and success. Let's make it happen!


The Language of Clothes

The Truth About Style – It's More Than Just Clothes!

Find out the honest-to-goodness impact of a great outfit. Every piece of clothing says something different, so you can choose exactly what you want to say each day before you even open your mouth. With me as your "style language" coach you’ll be unstoppable!


Feel good fashion

Dress to Impress Yourself Every Day

Let’s turn your closet into your very own playground. I’ll help you create outfits that boost your mood and self-esteem, so you can FEEL as good as you look. Together, we'll explore styles that resonate with your lifestyle, making each day an exciting fashion reveal. 

Let’s transform your wardrobe into a source of daily party, where every outfit is a toast to your amazing story and the vibrant woman you are.


Dress for Your Dreams

Sync Your Wardrobe with Your Life's Mission

You’ve worked hard to create your personal brand. Now let’s amp up your look, so your visual image matches it perfectly. When your insides and outsides align, it’s powerful and you’ll be on your way to achieving your life’s mission with more ease than you ever imagined. 

"When it comes to getting dressed, The only thing 'rules' are good for is breaking! 'Style Guidelines' allow for your tastes and body type, so you never look like anyone else!"

Dana Lynch, Founder of Elements of Image

Your Style Path

Step by Step to a Style That's 100% Yours 

Experience the excitement of evolving your style with a trusted fashion friend by your side. I'm your gal! 

Style Secrets Exposed
  • The Secret to Making Every Outfit Work for YOU. Learn my insider trick to dressing for YOUR body type. Understand the 'whys' of looking good, so you can be confident beyond just "Dana said so."
  • My Fail-Proof 5 Step System for Your Fab Wardrobe  I’ll handpick your clothes, guaranteeing a luxury fitting room experience—possibly with a chic drink in hand! With my long-time expertise, rest assured, every outfit will be versatile and perfect for you. Say "goodbye" to that style rut forever!
  • Make the Stress of Getting Dressed a Thing of the Past with a little help from your style BFF (that's me!). Embrace a lasting wardrobe change that'll change your life forever. Not only will you save $$$ by only buying and wearing only what you love, but you'll also enjoy stress-free mornings and perfect outfits for every occasion. And don't get me started on the added confidence you'll have! 
  • Elevating Your Look to Dazzling Heights With your personal style recipe in hand, leave the shopping to me.  Enjoy an easy, fun fitting room experience, and go home with mix-and-match options you'll adore wearing every day. Your closet will thank you!"
  • Transform Your Wardrobe, Transform Your Outlook.  Get ready for a style mindset revolution that'll jazz up your life. You'll view your wardrobe and yourself in an exciting new light, uplifting how you feel and act every single day!
FOR A FABULOUS finish...

Hear what people are saying

Fun, Stress-Free Shopping Trips

Dana has made shopping fun and stress-free for me. She really gets my style and always picks out things I actually like. Our shopping trips are a breeze with Dana's prep and spot-on advice about what looks good on me. She's mindful of my budget and shows me how to mix and match everything. We've been updating my wardrobe together, and now I feel confident and professional, ready to take on any meeting. I love having so many great options for every part of my day and knowing I look fantastic in them all!

Lauren Kaplan / Cosmetics Executive

Joyful, Transformative Style Journey

Finding my style with Dana has been transformative and joyful. She understands my apple shape and the challenge of moving beyond jeans and bulky sweaters. Dana's kind, encouraging approach and keen listening skills have made our sessions a delight. She expertly selects clothes in my size, color, and style, making shopping enjoyable. Dana's guidance on fit, color, and shape, and her encouragement to try new styles, has given me confidence and a wardrobe that looks awesome.

Annette Primrose / Geologist

Elevating Style with Sophistication

Dana Lynch’s wardrobe advice has proven so valuable to me, I'm sure to keep using her services. While my acumen for dressing myself is somewhat developed, Dana is helping me take it up a notch. I admire her sophisticated, professional style with a slight edge to it, exactly what I want for my own wardrobe— Dana is helping me do this. She’s opened my mind to choices I wouldn’t have even considered but have proven to enhance my style and who of us doesn’t want that?

Rebecca Kirchdorfer / Small business owner
Kick up your style

It's Your Time to Shine with a Wardrobe That Wows!

Your ideal style is just a Zoom call away. Imagine walking out the door each day in outfits that skyrocket your confidence and shout out your success. Stop waiting for your dream closet – create it now. Let's partner together to make your style goals come to life.