Work with me

  • Is your closet stuffed, yet you don’t wear most of it? Would your wardrobe be easier with fewer clothes?
  • Do you know that you need to get rid of some garments, but you’re not sure which ones?
  • Are there clothes hanging in your closet with tags still on them making you feel overwhelmed or guilty?

We’ll take a look at these things and a lot more!

I take a comprehensive, collaborative approach to help you create a wardrobe you feel great in…A polished, put together wardrobe that reflects who you are, supports your lifestyle and helps you get dressed with ease.

Want to see how we’ll do all this in person? Stay on this page.

Are you outside of Colorado and want to work with me virtually? Check out my virtual services here. 

During your initial free call, we’ll discover the exact steps to take to help you get to your wardrobe goals.

Here are the steps we may take together:


Dana Lynch Denver Fashion ConsultantThe first thing we’ll do together is define your personal style and create your Personal Style Recipe.

“Cooked” from your likes/dislikes, lifestyle and the new direction you want to move into, your Personal Style recipe describes how you want to look, feel, and be perceived.

It’s what you want the world to know about you! Whether your style recipe includes “timeless” or “trendy,” we now have a blueprint for the rest of your style journey.



Dana Lynch Denver Colorado Fashion Image Consultant

Once we’re clear on your style, we’ll go through your closet, determining what’s working for you, what’s working against you and why. And I’ll help you see which clothes and accessories match your Personal Style Recipe.

During this session:

  • We’ll edit your closet, weeding out the clothes that are out-of-date, don’t fit or just don’t feel like YOU anymore.
  • You’ll learn to dress for your body type and understand how to highlight your assets and camouflage the parts you aren’t so crazy about. In other words, you’ll be able to dress yourself to look and feel great no matter your shape or what the scale reads!
  • We’ll also explore to see if you have any gems that will be fantastic with just a few alterations.
  • You’ll have me as your personal stylist, shopping in your closet, showing you new and stylish ways to wear the clothes, shoes and accessories you already have.
  • Lastly, we’ll put together a shopping list detailing what you need to truly get dressed with ease and confidence each day.

Imagine how easy it will be to get dressed when you open your closet door and know that everything fits, looks great, and you feel great in it all!



Denver CO Image Fashion Consultant Professionals Dana LynchI know…you don’t like shopping or have the time for it—I get it! What if I do the time intensive part, the part you really dislike?

Armed with an understanding of your goals, your personal style, body type, shopping list and budget, I’ll head out to the stores and/or sites that are right for you. I’ll scour the “racks”, choosing clothes, shoes and accessories that will mix and match, fit, and flatter you! I put them on hold and then…

You’ll simply show up and waltz right into the fitting room filled with fabulous selections! If we’re shopping online, we’ll have an unboxing party to try on your new clothes.

As you try on the clothes, I’ll be teaching you why the styles, colors, and fabrics complement you. And of course, I’ll help you make the very best decisions.

You can be sure you’ll only go home with clothes you really love!



For a perfect fit, clothes very often need to be altered. I find it common for the tailor to ask, “What do you want”. Instead of you twisting, turning and guessing what’s right, I’ll direct the tailor, so you’ll have a perfect fit with ease!



Dana Lynch Denver Fashion Image Consultant Women ProfessionalsAs a successful, professional woman, you have a lot on your mind. Now that you’ve got new clothes, you want to be able to know exactly what you’re going to wear each day without even thinking about it, right?

Many clients love this part the best!

After your clothes have been tailored, I’ll help you create and document all your outfits from head-to-toe! We’ll decide the occasion/activity, mood and image you want to portray for each combination.

Your outfits will live on your personal micro-site you can access anytime, anywhere. It’s the closest thing to Cher Horowitz’s  (from Clueless) closet you’ll ever see!

Then when you get up each morning, you can grab your phone, open your micro-site, choose an outfit; and BAM, you’re done! You’re out the door. You can concentrate on what’s important to you/what you do best and be confident you look great doing it! 



Once you’ve experienced owning the image and wardrobe you’ve always wanted, you’ll want to keep it on the cutting edge. Of course, we’ll have chosen clothes with lasting power, a mix of classics and smart trends, but your life, your goals and fashion change over time, and so should your style. As your life and needs evolve, I’ll be available to help you to continue to “take the stress out of getting dressed”!


And that’s how you create an easy, updated, mix and match wardrobe that fits, flatters
and let’s you walk out the door with confidence each day! Creating your stress-free wardrobe
is a system.
That’s why I work with my clients in packages, seeing your vision through
from start to finish, so when we’re done, your project is complete.