5 Workwear Trends for Spring 2024

The workwear trends for spring 2024 are so, so good!

There, I’ve said it. And I know what you’re thinking—"workwear, yuck, boring; it’s so uncomfortable!" But today, I'm here to change your mind.

You might be recalling the workwear from the '80s, '90s, and even the early '00s, but since the pandemic, "power dressing" has become more relaxed, versatile, and comfortable!

Even if you work from home, there are always times—presentations, conferences, evening events, or job interviews—when you need to be prepared with outfits that’ll make you look great and skyrocket your confidence. 

You WANT TO BE READY for any opportunity, so you never have to panic shop. The pieces I’m featuring today aren’t just stylish but super versatile, letting you wear them way more than you think. Can you say VALUE?!

5 Workwear Trends for Spring 2024

1. Pencil Skirts, a classic workwear trend revisited

Sure, pencil skirts are classic, but they’ve been out of the limelight recently, and they’re making a comeback in 2024. The versatility of a black or navy pencil skirt is undeniable!

Remember, comfort is key! Opt for skirts with some stretch or even a knit fabric.

Is your black pencil skirt ready to make an encore appearance? If you’re all set with this staple, why not jazz up your wardrobe with a fun color or print?

Psst…that printed  skirt in the middle (below) is my favorite! It's from Boden. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they have styles that really pop in petites, tall and regular sizes. (My clients have told me their customer service is amazing, too!) 

Ask Yourself: When was the last time you felt both comfortable and powerful in a pencil skirt? Is your wardrobe ready for anything with a pencil skirt that celebrates both form and function? 

If you’re interested in any of the pieces, just click on each picture to take you to all the details to shop. I may make a small commission when you shop, but there’s never an additional charge to you. Thanks for trusting me to  help you be your most stylish self. Click here to go to my storefront and see everything in greater detail.

A collage of pencil skirts, a key workwear trend for 2024

2. Extra High-Waisted Pants

Extra high-waisted pants are making a noticeable comeback, especially for those with a longer rise. This style extends the leg line and enhances your silhouette, making them perfect for creating an elongated, streamlined look.

If you love high rise pants but have an extra long torso with most high rises fitting at your natural waistline, you’ll love extra high rise pants. You’ll look more intentional and up to date, boom! 

Consider: Do your current high-waisted pants truly flatter your figure, or is it time to explore this workwear trend to master better proportions and comfort?

A collage of extra high rise pants, a key workwear trend for spring 2024

3. Relaxed Suiting, one of the most comfortable workwear trends ever!

If the term 'suit' makes you cringe, let's rethink it. 

First off, this isn’t the matched, traditional set you buy in the suit department of Macy’s. 

Instead, visualize comfortable fabrics that are less tailored and more slouchy. Pair these staples with sneakers* and t-shirts for a relaxed yet polished look. 

* I absolutely love these Cariuma sneakers! They’re super sustainable and a neutral style for the office. 

This fresh, relaxed workwear trend might not be right for every office, but it’s a fantastic way to amp up your professional and business casual look. Plus, it offers a perfect solution for those ambiguous conference dress codes.

Reflect: Does your current suit selection create confidence or could it use a refresh to match the modern, relaxed suiting trend?

A collage showcasing relaxed women's suiting, a key workwear trend for 2024

4. Cropped Blazers

With the current trend of high-waisted and wide-legged pants, cropped blazers help create a flattering proportion. 

These aren’t just for pants—pair them with dresses and skirt to combat arctic office temps and add an “own the room” edge you just can’t get with a cardigan! 

Ask Yourself: Do your jacket flatter your body type and work clothing, or is there room for a more structured and stylish update?

A collage of cropped blazers, a key workwear trend for 2024

5. Jumpsuits: one of the most versatile workwear trends!

Many of my clients love dresses because they’re a quick, one-and-done option. If this resonates with you, you'll fall for jumpsuits! 

Choose a jumpsuit in a dressier fabric for the office, paired with a cropped jacket. For an after-hours look, shrug off the jacket and swap out your shoes for a sophisticated desk to dinner look. 

Note: When you’re shopping for a jumpsuit, pay attention to the closure. Try it out a few times…I wore this jumpsuit to a girls night out. Luckily I was with a bunch of gals in the ladies room when I figured out I just couldn’t zip it up by myself. 😂

Consider: Do you have go-to, one and done options that’ll not only let you get dressed quickly but have the versatility of a tailored jumpsuit? 

A collage showcasing the Jumpsuit workwear trend for 2024

Wrap up--5 Workwear Trends for Spring 2024:

  1.  Pencil Skirts
  2. Extra High Waisted Pants
  3. Relaxed Suiting 
  4. Cropped Blazers
  5. Jumpsuits

These workwear trends are just the beginning. If you're ready to swap 'what to wear' dilemmas for 'wow' moments this spring, but aren't sure how to translate runway trends into your real-life wardrobe, let's chat.

Book your "Bye Bye Boring Wardrobe" strategy call today. Together, we'll strategize your spring wardrobe, that completely reflects who you are and where you’re going.

Let's make your wardrobe as amazing as you! 

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