Are Your Clothes in Style?

Are your clothes in style? How can you tell if your clothes, hair and make-up are up to date? This is a great question a blog reader asked when she was reading the latest blog post, 7 Style Mistakes Ruining Your Professional Look.  She went on to add in her comment, “I am not usually trendy but want to be up to date for my age and circumstances…” As I read her question and comment, I was kind of surprised I’d never tackled the subject before, but… Here’s the thing…it’s kind of hard, and it’s even harder for me to [..] read more

7 Style Mistakes Ruining Your Professional Look

Are you making any of these style mistakes?  Quite honestly, even the most stylish women I know (including me) have probably made a style faux pas on occasion.  But hey! Read on to see if you’ve made any of them and find out what to do instead (um, the opposite…you probably knew that already…you didn’t get this far in life on style alone!)  One more thing…(said the queen of prefacing)  I realize the title of this blog post is a little bit negative. I’m usually sunshine and rainbows, but style mistakes…they’re intriguing, almost as fun as a quiz!  Be sure [..] read more

How Virtual Styling Works

I know that virtual styling can seem kind of nebulous. It was for me at the very beginning, too! So today I thought I’d explain and show you exactly how my virtual styling services work. And by the way, even if I’m working with a client in person, I end up finding a lot of things virtually to round out their closets. First off, what makes my virtual styling services different from a lot of what’s offered online (like Stitch Fix, etc.) is that they’re very high touch.  Ok, so not literally…not gonna touch ya through the computer, LOL (Cracking [..] read more

Summer Work Dresses For Your Body Type

Wearing summer work dresses in the season of heat is one of the easiest, most comfortable ways to take the stress out of getting dressed! They’re cool, comfortable and let’s not forget…it’s only 1 piece to worry about. Of course, you’ll probably want a jacket for important meetings and arctic air conditioning, but still…with a summer work dress, you can get dressed in a snap! Sooo…you may be thinking, “Um Dana, I’m still working from home…not gonna wear a dress.” If that’s you, you’ll be happy to know I rounded up dresses in simple styles that can be dressed up [..] read more

Work Clothing Brands You NEED to know

Work clothing brands are plentiful on the internet, but I just came across these first 2 brands brands by accident.  And both of them are the Holy Grail of impossible items to find!!  Seriously! I have tons of retailers for my 1:1 and Instant Style Clients, but I got so excited about finding these that I ditched my original blog plan and had to share these with you.  Whether you dress up for work or you’re looking for some easy business casual pieces to get you through the spring and summer, you’ll find what you need with these work clothing [..] read more