What to Wear to Work for Valentine’s Day

What to wear to work for Valentine’s Day? I’m guessing that, especially this far in advance, it’s not really top of mind. Am I right? Even though Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, (hello pink and red!) you’re more interested in what to wear to work any day that’ll make you feel more put together, polished and stylish. So… I’ve put together some looks that will be great for Valentine’s day for the office, but truly I’m concentrating on giving you tips and tricks for adding to your wardrobe or easily shopping your closet for new outfits that aren’t the [..] read more

3 Things to Stop Doing to Be More Stylish

If your style goal is to be more stylish in 2022, I can almost guarantee you’ll have great results if you stop doing these 3 things.  I don’t profess to be an omniscient style god(dess) or anything, but the three things below are the biggest reason the big majority of my clients have trouble getting dressed…of course, that’s before we work together 😜!   Stop buying incomplete outfits.  I sooo don’t mean to sound like a broken record but… It’s crucial to only buy complete outfits.  I know…you’ve probably heard this from me before…so if you have and you’re buying [..] read more

Wardrobe Consultant Gift Certificates

Give the gift of style with Elements of Image  Wardrobe Consultant Gift Certificates! That’s right it’s time for all things bright, shining, magical…and GIFT CERTIFICATES! Text me 303-868-8925 or e-mail, dana@elementsofimage.com. You can also schedule a time for us to talk here. I’ve been offering holiday gift certificates since the birth of Elements of Image in 2004, and the holidays are the most popular time for giving gift certificates. So if you happen to be in the market for a gift certificate, you’re in the right place! And if you really want to receive a gift certificate for the holidays, [..] read more

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas + Formulas

Thanksgiving! Do you know what you’re wearing for your turkey (or tofurky) eating fest? No?  No worries… I gotcha covered with 3 Thanksgiving outfit ideas. (Well actually there are 6, but you’ll see.) No matter where you’re eating this year, you’ll know what to wear. Even if you just want to be super chill and don’t really want to wear an “outfit.” You can definitely click through and buy the clothes, but I’m also hoping these ideas get your outfit creating juices flowing, so you can shop your own closet. To make this easier for ya, there’s an outfit formula [..] read more

Fall 2021 Trends to Wear to the Office

When you google “fall 2021 trends to wear to the office” there are so many results, it’s mind boggling!  But now I’ve done the work for you. Here are my favorite fall 2021 trends to wear to the the office! On top of that, I’m sharing ideas of how to wear them.  Most of the trends I’m sharing are appropriate for all but the most conservative of offices. These are things I’m recommending for my private clients and you, too! Even if your back-to the office date hasn’t come up yet, you’ll find plenty of fun, comfortable things to wear [..] read more