Shop Your Closet-Summer 2020 Edition

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a shop your closet post, and since we may not be shopping as much as we used to (raised hand emoji), it’s long over due. You may or may not know, but I keep my clothes I love for a REALLY LONG TIME! I’m super picky about what actually makes it into my closet, so you can be sure I love the things that make the cut. Besides getting a good cost per wear out of my clothes, I feel like I’m helping the planet by wearing my clothes for a [..] read more

Magic Make-Up Remover!

Oh my goodness! I just found the most incredible product! You all know I don’t really talk about make-up or cosmetics very often, (clothing is my true specialty.) But I just had to share this!!! Have you heard of the MakeUp Eraser? The name pretty much says it all…it’s a micro-fiber cloth that, you guessed it (lol), erases your make-up. With-just-water! (The physics behind it is actually pretty fascinating.) I’m seriously excited about this and just ordered it! I use Neutrogena (well the King Sooper copy cat brand) of eye make-up remover, and while it works fine, it’s a pain [..] read more

What It’s Like to Shop With An Image Consultant

I’m so excited to be out shopping…in stores, again!!! Yesterday was my first client-shopping trip since the covid-19 lockdown. Originally, I was going to tell you all about it, but then I thought you might be more interested in hearing what shopping with me is like from my client Jo Mattoon. So I decided to interview Jo and here is that interview: Dana Lynch: Jo, you told me you were extremely nervous before our first shopping trip. Can you tell us why and a bit more about that? Jo Mattoon: I was so nervous! I remember sitting in my car [..] read more

3 Top Spring/Summer 2020 Color Trends

Since we’ve all been in lock down for a while, I hesitated to really report on the trends of the season, but now that things are opening up I am dipping my toes in to give you some trend tidbits. Whether you’re wondering what to pull out of your closet to wear next or what to buy, in person or online, here are 3 color trends for spring/summer 2020, along with styling ideas. The good news is that these colors aren’t “new,” so you just may have one or two of them in your closet. Yes, there are definitely many [..] read more

What to Wear in the Summer Heat

As Colorado S-L-O-W-L-Y starts to open up, it’s a great time to start planning for our futures. (Wow, that might be the most prophetic thing I’ve ever said, LOL!) What I mean in terms of your wardrobe is now is a good time to start taking stock of what we have and what we might need for emerging back into society. There’s a part of me that feels the need to tell you that fashion/wardrobes aren’t the only thing I ever think about, they’re truly not. (In fact, as I’m typing right now, I’m still in this morning’s work out [..] read more