Create an Outfit From the Ground Up

There are those days where you want to create an outfit for work, and you’re excited you’ve come up with something you haven’t worn before. And then you remember, “Ugh! I’m gonna be on my feet all day.” The perfect shoes for the outfit you just created aren’t great for standing and walking for hours. Now you have to start all over. This situation calls for creating an outfit from the ground up! Yep, you’re starting with your shoes this time. Here’s a step by step process for easily creating a creative outfit, starting with your shoes. (You may already [..] read more

Never Worry About Your Wardrobe Again!

Recently I’ve been listening to Mel Robbin’s podcast series, “Here’s Exactly What To Do.”  Episode 5, How to Stop Worrying, made me think about my so many of my clients…before we started to work together.  Maybe you can relate.  When I talk to a potential client on our initial call, we have a blast talking about what her ideal wardrobe would be like, her dream wardrobe, if getting dressed could be the way she’d always wanted it to be.  There’s a TON of power in creating this wardrobe vision!  I then go on to ask her, “If you had a [..] read more

How to Wear Wide Leg Cropped Pants

Wide leg cropped pants aren’t new for 2022, but they’re finally a prevailing style and widely available—finally. Here’s how to wear them for your very best look!  The first thing to know here… “cropped” in the term “wide leg cropped” seems to mean very different things to designers and manufacturers.  I’m finding with most of my clients, except those with really long legs, the “cropped” pants are a little too long.  To be most flattering, wide leg cropped pants need to be cropped, not ankle length, at the top of your foot or capri (which is mid-calf.)  Just click each [..] read more

Are Your Clothes in Style?

Are your clothes in style? How can you tell if your clothes, hair and make-up are up to date? This is a great question a blog reader asked when she was reading the latest blog post, 7 Style Mistakes Ruining Your Professional Look.  She went on to add in her comment, “I am not usually trendy but want to be up to date for my age and circumstances…” As I read her question and comment, I was kind of surprised I’d never tackled the subject before, but… Here’s the thing…it’s kind of hard, and it’s even harder for me to [..] read more

7 Style Mistakes Ruining Your Professional Look

Are you making any of these style mistakes?  Quite honestly, even the most stylish women I know (including me) have probably made a style faux pas on occasion.  But hey! Read on to see if you’ve made any of them and find out what to do instead (um, the opposite…you probably knew that already…you didn’t get this far in life on style alone!)  One more thing…(said the queen of prefacing)  I realize the title of this blog post is a little bit negative. I’m usually sunshine and rainbows, but style mistakes…they’re intriguing, almost as fun as a quiz!  Be sure [..] read more