Hey there, I'm Dana!

I'm a certified image consultant, wardrobe consultant, fashion consultant and personal stylist. No matter which title you choose, my only concern is your end result. Over the past 15+ years, I’ve worked with attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners, successful entrepreneurs, and countless other professional women helping them create wardrobes that help them feel confident and create ease and more success in their lives.

How do you describe what you do to someone you meet at a dinner party?

First off, I absolutely LOVE parties! When I'm asked this question, I usually say, 'I'm an image consultant, wardrobe consultant, and personal stylist all rolled into one! My mission? To take the stress out of getting dressed. I guide clients through discovering their unique style and revamp their wardrobes to make choosing outfits a breeze. From closet cleanouts to amazing shopping experiences, I help my clients not only bypass their dread of shopping but actually find some joy in it. Making style easy and fun – It's totally my passion!"

What are you known for?

My friends and clients rave about my blog – it's packed with relatable fashion tips and fun pictures. I'm also known for my style (of course, LOL) and being super approachable. I'm the social butterfly of my networking group, The Alliance of Professional Women, always buzzing around, connecting, and leading with style.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Believe it or not, but I’m a CERTIFIED image consultant with The Association of Image Consultants International. I got my BS in Fashion Merchandising from Colorado State, too! I've had the privilege of training with Judith Rasband and Brenda Kinsel – both legends in our field. 

I'm a bit of a rebel – I sometimes break fashion rules (and other rules, lol) just for the thrill!  

Skiing and travel are my escapes – Blue Sky Basin is my heaven , but I'll also take Paris, Hawaii, or Tahiti any day! Oh, and did I mention swimming with sharks on my honeymoon? 

What's the most rewarding part of your work?

What I love the most? It's when my clients' eyes light up like light bulbs when they look in in the mirror and love how they look and feel. It’s magical! Building close, often lifelong friendships with my clients is priceless for me. And helping them turn something they dread into a fun, rewarding experience – that’s what keeps me going!"

What's your personal mantra?

"I live by the motto 'If it’s not fun, I'm not interested!' Sure, I get serious about delivering fantastic results, but who says we can’t have a blast doing it? Style should be a joy, not a chore, and I'm all about bringing that fun factor to every session.

Why should someone work with you over another [what you do]?

My clients often worry I'll judge their style, but I'm all about care and support from start to finish. The VIP treatment at stores – think private dressing rooms, snacks, and drinks – makes our shopping trips feel like hanging out with a style-savvy friend. My service might feel like luxury, but it's smart luxury. We'll have so much fun finding the perfect pieces, minus the usual shopping stress...because I FIND ALL THE CLOTHES BEFORE YOU EVER ARRIVE AT THE STORE.  And with my StyleSync, I bring your wardrobe into the digital age, so you can pick out your outfits in a flash. 

How would your clients describe you?

"My clients would say I'm more than just a stylist; I'm a listener who really gets to know them and their style goals. Described as a joy to work with, kind, encouraging, and honest, I make the whole process of finding your style enjoyable and creative, without any judgment. They often find my approach refreshing and feel truly taken care of in my hands."


Elevate your style with a seasoned, expert image & fashion consultant

Your wardrobe should shout out your success and style, not be boring or add stress. As your personal stylist, I'll turn this goal into reality. With non-judgemental closet edits, fun-filled shopping trips, (where I find all the clothes!) and super cool digital wardrobe options, We'll make getting dressed easy and as comfy as cashmere, confidence in every stitch.


Chic Closet

Say goodbye to 'nothing to wear' mornings and hello to your favorite pieces and new combos, begging to be worn. Your closet is your new happy place!


Total Wardrobe

I'll guide you every step of the way to create a wardrobe that fits, flatters and makes you feel fabulous all day. I even do all the shopping! 


   All Your Outfits online

Get dressed in a snap with your entire wardrobe digitally curated for quick, stylish outfit options every morning right on your phone.

Let's create looks that banish the boring and make you feel amazing

Let's chat about transforming your closet into your happy place! Book a complimentary Bye Bye Boring Wardrobe strategy session with me and see how the right outfits can supercharge your confidence and bring extra sparkle to your day. It's time to finally create the wardrobe you deserve!