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If you live anywhere in Colorado, and you’re updating your wardrobe for a season and want to have the very best selection of clothing, you need to visit Cherry Creek Mall or Park Meadows Mall. Forget about convenience! I live closest to Westminster mall, but they don’t have the stores I like, and because the chain stores there are considered ‘C’ stores, they have very little merchandise. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bargain, perhaps something you’ve seen at one of the larger stores and now it’s on sale and gone, you might try one of these outlying stores.

Ann Taylor at Cherry Creek by far has the most merchandise. They get the best selection and a lot of it. I was at this store on Friday with a client. There was a ton to choose from and they had my client’s size in everything! I popped in the Ann Taylor in Park Meadows on Saturday and saw several things I’d seen at CC, but I was astounded at much less they had. (In their defense, it appeared they’d had a busy day and probably had sold a lot.) One more tip I should share about A.Taylor is that many times they mark items down, but the pieces don’t automatically go on the sale rack. If you typically head for the sale racks, slow down and look through the whole store. You’re missing bargains!

Dillard’s at Park Meadows mall has more suits and suiting separates than I’ve seen anywhere else. A sales associate told me they’re the Antonio Melani store, meaning you’ll find the whole line there and most likely only clearance items at their other stores.

I’ve also found that Park Meadows as a whole seems to be a “suit mall.” Macy’s has a lot of suits also…far more than Cherry Creek.
Last but not least…Nordstrom! Although I love the new Cherry Creek store and have been there several times already, I for the most part prefer Park Meadows. Park Meadows is a much bigger store, and like the rest of the mall, they have a lot of suiting and other professional clothing. On the other hand, what makes Cherry Creek’s Nordstrom special is the they have many designers that aren’t in their other stores. One department I’ve got my eye on is called Via C. It’s an area with up and coming designers such as Vince and Philip Lim.

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