What I Never Leave Home Without

And You Might Not Want to, Either…

Okay, so “never” might be a little strong, but especially this summer, I’ve been relying on just a few key pieces of jewelry to finish most of my outfits.

Not only is this an easy solution to accessorizing, but it’s also “effortless,” a common goal many of my image consulting clients have. In other words, you want to look polished and put together, but you don’t want to look like you agonized over what to wear or went to a ton of effort.

So what are my summer, go-to accessories? First, I always wear earrings, and because I have so much gold on my glasses, I (mostly) wear gold earrings. I have a ton of hair, so I need pretty big earrings. The earrings you see are my favorites from Gorjana. Because they’re so big, they’re my statement piece.

Then my other favorite piece is my gold initial necklace. When I bought it, I never knew I’d get so much good out of it. Besides being nice and lightweight (read not hot on my neck,) it plays second fiddle and doesn’t compete with the larger earrings. You could substitute a diamond pendant (which I won’t be doing soon unfortunately.) Or it could be pearls, and if you don’t wear gold, this would work in silver, whatever your personal style…as long as it is subordinate to the larger earring.

My newest, basic addition is the gold bracelet (from White House Black Market. By the way, they have silver and rose gold as well.) It’s simple with just the right amount of bling. I’d wear this with all but the most casual outfits. What I especially love about it is it isn’t huge and doesn’t fall down on my hand (a total pet peeve!)



Of course I wear my “gold” watch and my wedding rings (also gold.) But those feel more a part of me than like accessories.

On a day I want to sport a statement necklace (which hasn’t been as often lately,) I’ll wear smaller hoop earrings that don’t compete for attention with the necklace.

And there you have it: an easy summer jewelry “uniform” that can be customized to your personal needs and style. I hope this post inspires you come up with your own basic jewelry combos to add a polished, effortless finish to any summer outfit.

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