Style tips on how to wear a denim jacket

denim and white blouse

I’ll just come out and say it. I know jeans jackets aren’t anything new,  and they’ve become a basic in any wardrobe, but I am over the moon about my new Jag jacket I recently bought at Irresistibles!

Actually the denim jackets’ popularity for women gained traction in the ’50’s when Marilyn Monroe wore one in a photo shoot, and since has become a timeless style. My new jacket certainly isn’t my first and probably won’t be my last…so why am I so gaga about this particular one? Well, it’s the first one that fits really well and is super-duper soft and comfy due to the high Lycra content.

Plus, I haven’t had a jean jacket in a while, and even though it’s a classic, I’m excited to be wearing it in so many ways and am equally excited to experiment with new ways to wear it! Oh, and did I mention… because it fits so well and is soft, it’s a perfect transitional weight!

I probably don’t need to tell you how versatile this jean jacket (JJ) is; however, today I want to share a few ways I’ve worn mine already and explore even more ways you can expand your style with yours.

First, I’ve worn said JJ with a dressy-ish white blouse (at the top of the page) and poppy pants similar to these with a dressy casual black sandal. I should mention I love juxtaposing styles and a jean jacket is a great way to dress down and add flair to dressier outfits.

Irresistibles dress

Next, for the Back-to-You event at Irresistibles, I wore this summer dress and made it a bit more fall-like with the JJ!

I almost wore my JJ with this outfit to the theater with my coral 2 piece dress, but decided against it. It would, as I mentioned, be a great way to dress down an outfit; however, I felt like I wanted a more sophisticated vibe.

At Camp Experience, which has a very casual “dress code” I opted to go a little “Ath-leisure” with bamboo leggings, a tunic tank, sneakers and JJ. It was the denim that kept me from looking like I’d just come from yoga class.On Saturday night  JJ was just perfect over a maxi dress.

And once again, to work with a client, today I wore JJ with my black pencil skirt, a graphic T and pointy toe kitten heels. (Isn’t her bedroom pretty?!)

denim and pencil


Those have been my outfits with my denim workhorse so far. Here are a few more ideas we all can copy cat. Some you may like, others not so much.

Layered over a tunic cardigan–the perfect solutions to a jacket length dilemma! This is also great for a day with constantly changing weather.

Personally, I love denim with leopard! It keeps your animal print from feeling a little too sexy.

Over a sweater, under a’s gonna get cold one day this fall!

Juxtaposition isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so certainly you can wear a jean jacket if a more casual, classic way such as with a button down shirt and black leggings/jeans or with white jeans and a grey t-shirt.

These are just a few of the many, many ways to wear a jean jacket. I encourage you to experiment with what you like best. It may just become the most versatile thing in your closet!



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