Style Goal Setting, Part Deux


In my last post, along with some confession, I talked about my own style goals for 2016. Hopefully, it inspired you and sparked some ideas for your goals. Of course, I know everyone has very individualized personal style and needs, so I thought I would offer up a few more ideas and questions that might help you formulate your own objectives.

Style Thoughts to Ponder

-Do you have any significant career changes happening in your life? For example, one of my clients, who is a mother of 3 and was a fitness instructor for 24 years, has retired from the fitness industry and is embarking on a new career in a high profile non-profit. She has considerably different wardrobe needs now.

-Have you recently moved and need clothes for a different culture or climate?

-If you always wear pants, would you like to start exploring dresses and skirts again?

-Do you want to shake up your neutral wardrobe by adding more color?

-Perhaps you’d like to try more neutrals in interesting combinations instead of relying only on black.

-Would you like to define personal style and/or learn to dress for body type?

-How is the quality level of your basics?

-How would you life change if you created outfits in advance of your workweek?

-I think an awesome goal is to buy only outfits. You’ll be amazed at your new mix and match possibilities!

-Do you need to start dressing professionally on a consistent basis?

-Consider what it would be like to be able to wear all of the clothes in your closet! I’m working on that one by having the goal of staying the same size and altering my clothing to fit that size.

-On the same note, do you have a jewelry box filled with unworn pieces? You could create a goal this year to actually wear your accessories.

I’d LOVE to know what goals you’ve come up with! I also think it would help other blog readers, as well as a feeling of accountability for you. Would you be willing to share some of your 2016 Style Goals? Please share in the comments below. As always, much thanks!!!

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