Stay Cool in Easy, Summer Dresses

One of my blog readers responded that she’d like short easy to digest tips on simple topics. So that’s what’s up for today. Thanks, Christina! I appreciate your suggestion!

If you follow me on Facebook (and if not, I’d love for you to) you may have seen my selfie post on my easy summer dress uniform.

I love easy, simple dresses, and I also love how easy they are to wear.

Summer dresses are also the best way to dress to stay cool in hot weather!

I mean, what could be easier in warm weather than popping on a frock? All you have to then do is choose some jewelry/accessories and sandals, and you’re out the door! (You might need to grab a jacket or sweater if you work in an arctic office!)

It’s the simplest “uniform” dressing there is!

You can belt your shift if you’re a belt babe. When the mercury is high, consider loosening your belt a notch!

Personally, I find one of the best benefits of warm weather frocks is that nothing’s squeezing my waist too tight!

Now you may be wondering what kind of dresses are best for best, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorites to help you stay cool whether you’re keeping it casual, going to the office or heading to a sweltering summer wedding!

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Be sure to scroll through and see all the styles and more tips for staying cool in your summer dresses!

And if you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve added a new feature! If you see an item you like, click the pic and it goes right to my Pixavo shop, where you’ll see all the details and purchase it from the retailer. An added bonus is that if you have any questions or NEED AN OPINION, I have record of all the items, so simply ask me!

Work Dresses

Keep cool in summer work dresses

Choose wraps, shirt dresses, and A-lines in lightweight yet substantial fabrics to maintain your personal power and keep cool at work.
Casual, Business Casual and Wedding Guest Dresses
Summer dresses to keep cool
Look for cotton, linen and silk for your best “air conditioning!” When you find a dress with a cotton lining, grab it! They’re one in a million!
Easy, Casual Dresses
Casual summer dresses to keep cool!
Flowy styles that fall away from your body are extra cool! Note: these shorter dresses aren’t as short as you might think…the models are very tall. Conversely, the midi dresses might need to be hemmed a bit unless you’re tall!
Wedding Guest Dresses
Keep cool in summer wedding guest dresses.
Cotton, sheer lace, and floaty chiffon are perfect for a daytime wedding. I especially like the split sleeves on the peach dress if you’re not comfortable showing your arms.
I invite you to grab a summer dress for casual, work or a wedding and keep cool all summer! If you’ve got dresses in your closet, I urge you to try a dress and sandals as your every day “uniform” and stay cool as a cucumber all summer long!
Over to you…what’s your favorite summer dress style?

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