Spring 2015 Trends for a Polished, Professional Wardrobe

I’ve been following my intuition a lot lately and have really been loving the results. Recently my intuition told me the best way to begin to report the spring trends this year is to actually share what’s actually available in the stores here in Denver. (And I even took my own pictures just for fun.) Of course, this is just a smattering of all the great things available, so whether you just need to refresh your closet with a few things or you’re due for a big overhaul, here are some great things to consider along with a few tips on how to incorporate them into your professional wardrobe.

Wide legged cropped trousers, (a.k.a. culottes): This is my favorite spring trend! When these pants were around in the ‘70’s, I absolutely hated them, so now they feel new. They’re great with anything from a cropped top (covering your tummy of course,) to a t- shirt to a blazer or jacket to create a more formal suit look.

wide leg crop pants


Flared and A-line skirts: After being limited to the pencil skirt in Denver for years, this alternative is finally plentiful in the stores and a great addition to a professional wardrobe. I especially like the ease of being able to wear the style with flats or heels, plus it’s very flattering to a lot of figures!

Shirt dresses: Of course, this is a classic style, but it’s very in with silhouettes ranging from the retro flare to the extra tailored variety. Check out how to combine this spring trend with something you already own. An added bonus is that cotton shirt dresses are one of the coolest things you can wear on hot, summer days and still maintain your professionalism. Check out my Pinterest Page for more great, trending dresses.

shirt dresses for spring

Color: It is so nice to see tons of colors in the stores, including brights, pastels and mid-tones. You’ll find plenty of colorful, professional clothes to mix and match with your neutrals for the office.

Patterns: I know you may be wondering, “were patterns ever out.” Not really, but what I noticed is that there are really good patterns to choose from…everything from florals to window pane checks to photo and digital prints. (This is really saying a lot, because very often prints can look tacky and cheap.)

tropical floral print

A neutral, tropical floral works under a blazer.


Pink: As you can probably tell from this Valentine’s Day post, I’m obsessed with pink. As recent as a just a couple of years ago, pink was seen as too girly in business, but that’s changing rapidly. Choose from all shades from pastel to shocking pink. Truly, like red, there is a flattering shade of pink for everyone’s complexion.

Lace: White lace is particularly stylish this spring, but what’s different is the variety of lace being used-both very delicate and heavy bobbin varieties. While it may not be right for every professional office, the heavier laces feel especially versatile and fresh. Try pairing it with an unexpected item, like the sweater and lace skirt pictured.

lace jacket spring trend

Versatile and great for hot, summer days.


White: Okay, so white has been trending for several years now, but it continues to be very big and there is a bigger array of styles than I’ve ever seen before. With all the snow on the ground right now, you may be thinking you’ll blend in with the scenery, but seriously, I wouldn’t wait until summer to purchase your white pieces. I’m quite sure they’ll be gone.

white moto vest

Perfectly tailored for a professional wardrobe.


Pastel suiting: Unlike the pastels we’ve seen over the past few springs, this crop feels fresher, more grown up and professional. Of course, pink leads the pack, but lilac/lavender is freshest and more abundant than I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re not too sure about adding these light shades to your professional wardrobe, pair them with darker tones for a stronger statement.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many, many great styles and fab, spring trends in 2015. I hope you enjoyed today’s introductory post of the season. Stay tuned throughout the spring for more great tips on how you can take the stress out of getting dressed!

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  1. Sounds like there is more variety. Thanks, Dana. With two weddings to attend this spring and summer, I’m shopping for a fresh look in dresses. I also just bought a white lace long jacket like the one pictured. You gave me another idea of how to wear it. I’ll need just the perfect occasion to pull it out.

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