Skinny scarves-fall 2015 trend

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Skinny scarves are back in fashion and a very big trend for fall 2015! And if you’re anything like me and most of my clients, you probably have almost every scarf you’ve ever bought or received as a gift, so now is the time to dig out these scarves. In this post I’m going to talk about the brilliance of a skinny scarf and how you can style it.

Check out this Pinterest Board (and follow me) to see some of my favorite scarves on the market! I’m especially in love with the Chan Lu scarves! (Of course, they’re the most expensive!)

First off, the best thing about a thing scarf is that it is slenderizing! Woo hoo! Because it’s long and thin, it hangs down the front, center of your body…flattering you and making you look slim…no matter what your body shape. And if you have wide shoulders or are well endowed up top, skinny scarves don’t add any bulk where you don’t want it!

The next great thing about the “SS” is it is chic, elegant and effortless. As I’ll talk about in a minute, it can look totally stylish without giving thought one about tying it. If chic and elegant aren’t in your style recipe, depending on the color and pattern of the scarf, you can also create a rocker chic or ‘70’s vibe.

Okay, so now that I’ve hopefully got you on board with this slim accessory, how do you tie it? Here are a few ideas:

  • Don’t tie it! Simply throw it around your neck and let the ends hang loose. This works especially well with tasseled, fringed or beaded scarves that have a little weight to them. Leaving your scarf untied is also great because it allows you to showcase your necklaces!
  • “Right over left, left over right, makes the square knot neat and tight!” (Do you remember this from Girl Scouts? If not, follow it and you’ll always have a neat, square knot.) If you have a long neck, tie the knot right at the base of your throat, making it easy to throw one end over your shoulder. Shorter neck? Tie the knot a little lower down, so you’ve opened up your neck by creating a bit of a V.
  • Create your own bow blouse by tying the skinny scarf into a bow. Your bow can be tied either close to your face or a few inches lower (again, better for a shorter neck.)
  • This last method is my all-time favorite! Start by placing the scarf at your neck with the ends hanging down your back. Then bring the ends around to the front and loop them about 6 inches down from your neck.  You may find the scarf moves around on you quite a bit, so if that bothers you, tie a square knot to keep it in place.

One more really important thing to note is that no matter how you tie your scarf, don’t worry too much about making it perfect. Imperfect and effortless looks are currently more stylish than the perfection of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s

I encourage you to dig into your scarf collection to see if you’ve got any skinny scarves. If you do, get them out and start experimenting with styling for a fall trend look that’s up to date without doing any shopping! And if your scarf collection is sparse, adding a skinny scarf will instantly update your look…they’re available in all price ranges!



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