Shopping your closet gone wrong


Okay, what I mean by this is as you get dressed each day, really ask yourself, “how much do I really like this outfit/item.”

Consider this familiar scenario. (Yes, even I’ve been there.) As you were getting dressed for work, you shopped your closet and came up with a “new” outfit. You put it on, but something wasn’t quite right. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to change clothes.

When this happens to you, I encourage you to continue to notice how you feel in the clothes all day long. Then when you’re changing out of the clothes at the end of your day, analyze it again.

First, if you were ready to go shopping for a new outfit at lunchtime, (to change into,) because you were so uncomfortable (physically or psychologically,) those items might be ready for the donate/consign pile. You really don’t want to subject yourself to that again, do you?

Now let’s go back to the initial scenario, where something was just a little off. So that your creative efforts weren’t completely in vain, commit to determining what the problem with the outfit was…before putting your clothes away.

Here are a few common issues and quick fixes.

The outfit was great, but the shoes were wrong.

Try the outfit with several different shoes, and see which are best. Perhaps your choice was too tailored or chunky for a feminine outfit (or vice versa.)

The proportions were off.

(Easy to do with skirts.) If the top was too long, try belting it, tucking it in (even partially) or consider getting it hemmed.

Accessories are the difference between frumpy and fab!

Accessories are the difference between frumpy and fab!

Your skirt proportion simply looked funny. Or perhaps it twisted around on you all day.

For many years, we wore our skirts down on our hips. Today’s skirts are meant to sit on your waist or a tiny bit below. Hence, your skirt is too big at the waist, and the length is hitting you in the wrong place on your legs. This is usually an easy fix at the tailor.

You liked the outfit as a whole, but your accessory collection is slim, and you didn’t have any accessories that worked.

First, commit to buying complete outfits. Secondly, put the type of accessories you need for said outfit on your shopping list. You’ll not only have a fabulous “new” outfit, but you’ll be building up your accessories wardrobe. Be sure to try the new accessories on with your outfit once you get home, so you’ll be sure they’re right before the day you want to wear them.

You felt a little washed out by the color.

There are a few solutions here, too. Try adding a scarf in a coordinating, flattering color tied near your face. A statement necklace with sparkle will throw light onto your face illuminating it. Lastly, add a bit more blush (which you can soften with powder,) and a flattering lipstick shade. You’ll be amazed what the right make-up will do!

The next time you put together an outfit that doesn’t feel quite right, I urge you to determine what it needs to become a great outfit. Instead of feeling frustrated, you’ll be able to expand your wardrobe by simply shopping in your closet.


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