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Working as a Denver image and wardrobe consultant for the last 13 years, I’ve done A LOT of closet consultations! And each one has been unique.

And although every client is an individual and each closet is different, I’ve discovered there are several very common learning outcomes. Now that we’re starting to slide into fall transition, and it’s highly likely you’re a little sick of your summer wardrobe, yet it’s  I’d like share a crucial one with you, so you can shop your closet, expand your wardrobe,  and feel amazing every day!

Most neutral colors, such as black, white, grey (my favorite!) tan, ivory, taupe, etc., easily combine with almost any other accent color.

I work with a lot of professional women who obviously want to present a professional image. And neutrals are definitely considered professional, but many of my clients just aren’t sure how to go beyond combining their neutrals with other neutrals.

Black and white is classic. Brown and ivory is easy. Navy and taupe is a classic fool proof combination, but especially with all of the color we’re seeing in the stores right now, these combinations are a bit safe, and I hear this from women all the time…a bit boring.

On the other hand, combining standard neutral colors with lighter or brighter accent colors can yield you some really interesting clothing combinations!

I know! This still might be a little bit nebulous. I’ll continue…there are two easy ways to create color schemes with your clothes.

The first is to choose 2 neutral colors and add in an accent. Here’s are some examples:

Almost everyone has black and white in their wardrobes, so wearing black and white and adding in a bright color is a great way to get started with your color scheme. Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely crazy for purple, so this color scheme is a natural for me!

Here is another example. Can see just how many more outfits, more interesting outfits you can create just by adding the lime green into the neutral color scheme?

Not convinced? Here are a few more combos to try on for size:

  • Brown, ivory, and teal
  • Brown, tan (a.k.a. animal print) and red
  • Navy, white, and fuchsia
  • Grey, ivory and lavender

Truly the color combinations are almost limitless!

As you get more comfortable with color, feel free to add more neutrals and accent colors into your color schemes.

The key to making your colorful outfits work is accessorizing. If you have an accessory, such as a scarf, that has two or more of your colors in it, it helps pull the outfit together. Or as you can see from the pics above, even a pop of color in a shoe or handbag enlivens the whole outfit!

Even if you don’t have a ton of colorful accessories, even a neutral accessory (such as gold jewelry) can help polish your look.

Then you can add accessories to match your color scheme onto your shopping list.

Stay tuned for my next post all about using color blocking to shop your closet!

What about you? Are you inspired to shop your closet for colorful outfits? 

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