Shoe Trends for Spring 2018

What woman doesn’t love shoes? Even if you don’t consider yourself a shoe-girl, you’ll be happy with the many fabulous spring shoe trends available for spring/summer 2018. I’ll be honest…I’m more excited about the spring shoe trends than the spring fashion  trends.

There is truly something for everyone! Whether you wear heels, flats, sandals, slides, etc., you’ll find more comfy choices than ever. Not all of my picks are brand new trends, but I’m outlining the shoe trends I feel have a lot of traction for 2018 and beyond.

Shoe Trends for Spring 2018


Yay! Slingbacks are back! This business in the front, party in the back shoe is one of my all time favorite shoe styles! I’m seeing mostly kitten heel styles, but you’ll also find flats and booties. They can be tricky with full-length pants, but the style is perfect with ankle pants, capris, skirts and dresses. If you’re not crazy about your toes; need closed toes for professional wear; get cold easily; or have trouble fitting your heels into traditional pumps, slingbacks are your answer.

Denver image consultant, Dana Lynch, shares her favorite shoe trends for spring 20018

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are a very close second favorite shoe style for me! The height is perfect with skirts and dresses, but clearly they’re great with pants for that Audrey Hepburn look. Another advantage of this trend is that besides being comfortable, it’s feminine and I don’t feel as fussy in them with jeans as I would a higher heel.


Unlike our beloved mules from the ‘90’s, this trend that debuted a couple of years ago, shows its strength in the flat category. If you like the comfort of a loafer but want something breezy, mules are your answer. It’s a cute, casual shoe, but beware, you gotta have pretty strong toes to hang in there! Wear these with pants and shorts, and should you have an ultra casual skirt, you might give mules a try with it.

Crayola Brights

I’m so happy to see colors coming back to footwear after so many years of simple neutral selections. Colorful shoes are such an easy way to add that flair to an all neutral outfit…without spending the money for an entire ensemble.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, there are plenty of pretty pastels out there. Quite honestly, they’re just as stylish! I’ve worked with a couple of my denver wardrobe consulting clients this spring who have added lavender heels to lighten up navy outfits. It’s a great look!

Block heels

Block heels are certainly nothing new. They’ve been around for several seasons now, but the styles with block heels seem more interesting at present. I’m definitely seeing more pointy toe pumps, which are my preference.

I remember I wrote a post a few years ago about how almost everyone can wear pointy toes and got a lot of push back. I feel like it’s worth reiterating that it’s worth trying pointy toes on if you haven’t tried them in a while. All points are not equal! Soft leather and suede will stretch the most. Unfortunately patent isn’t as forgiving.

On the other hand, the beauty here is that there is a great variety…comfort for all! Certainly if you have foot issues or have had surgery, pointy toes might not be great. I never mean to dictate fashion over health!

In addition to the aforementioned block heeled pumps, there are plenty of block-heeled sandals. More stable than a stiletto, block heeled sandals of course can be great for every day, but are also a feminine choice for dancing the night away at all of your spring/summer weddings.

All White!

Yep, white shoes are back in full force! At last you can quell your fears of looking tacky in white shoes. Quite the opposite, white shoes are fully on trend. I, for one, am happy, happy, happy about this! White is fresh and springy; however, you’ll want to be careful with white in Colorado’s silly spring ups and downs. And clearly white is about as versatile as you can get. Wear your whites with brights, pastels, black and white and other neutral outfits.


Slides are yet another no-full shoe trend for spring/summer 2018. If you’re on the go and don’t have time to fool with straps, ties and buckles, you’re in luck. Slide in and go! Slides don’t have to be pool sandals. There’s lots of variety in flat sandals and heels, too. I especially like the retro vibe of mules with a high heel.


I know…classic espadrilles, with their rope soles, aren’t exactly a trend; nevertheless, they’re available and stylish for 2018. From the highest of high wedges, to mid-height Flatforms, to flat sandals, espadrilles are practically the definition of summer shoes.

If you’re wanting the latest iteration of the classic, look to suede uppers and Flatform styles.

Denver image consultant, Dana Lynch, shares her favorite shoe trends for spring 20018


Socks with shoes

So this isn’t technically a shoe trend, but there were quite a few high fashion showings of ankle socks with pumps and heeled sandals. Head over here and here if you want to see this! I’m not sure I’ll be participating in this trend. Perhaps a bit out of my comfort zone, and I’d have to buy socks, LOL. I’m kind of a no-sock kind of gal (even in cold weather,) but I can see the sock trend as perfect for those days when your pedicure is due. That said it seems like a look that needs to be planned perfectly (a.k.a. not as effortless as it looks,) to avoid that tourist vibe.

Again, this isn’t a completely comprehensive look at all of the spring shoe trends, but I’m betting if you only concentrated on my list, your shoe rack would be quite full this spring!





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