Scarves: to keep or purge

Scarves and other accessories are small and easy to store, and it’s easy to accumulate a good number of them. However, because accessories tend to cycle back around without looking dated, there’s no real harm in keeping them (unless you are really tight on space.)

I’m especially happy I kept two scarves. One is a gray-fringed number from the Adrienne Vittadini (designer) store that has been gone from the Cherry Creek mall for years. (Loved that store!) It’s high quality silk and was expensive. Now that fringe and skinny scarves are a big trend, this is more stylish than ever!

The other is a Marc Jacobs silk jacquard, skinny, aubergine scarf, bought for a real steal at Lohman’s in the early 2000’s. I haven’t worn it for years, and I can’t wait to style it into some fall outfits.

Contrary to what I just advised about keeping accessories for the long haul…if you do decide you want to purge your overly large scarf collection, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you love it? Many of my clients show me scarves they’ve received as gift that they’ve never worn, because they just don’t like it. If you love it, consider keeping it. Otherwise, you’re probably never going to grow to love it, so let it go!
  • Is it a “grandma” floral? Another less than loved scarf I see as a wardrobe consultant is the floral. If painterly florals are a big part of your personal style and you really rock them, by all means keep them. More often than not, these scarves can look like your grandma and not you…and can be aging. Let these go!
  • Is it stiff and/or low quality polyester? Does it have alternating stripes of solid and sheer fabric…circa 1982? (If you have these, you’ll know.) If you have any of these, I truly don’t see them coming back. Unless you love them or want to do something crafty with them, I would say it’s safe to purge these. (Please don’t quote me on this…it’s your call using your intuition along with my guidance!)
  • Is the scarf reflective of your personal style? If it were the latest style, would you be excited to wear it again? One of my clients who recently redefined her personal style recipe had several gauzy, boho looking scarves. Because these scarves didn’t fit the polished, professional or casual image she’s going for now, she let the scarves go and made room for some fabulous scarves she’s super excited to wear!

So while I don’t believe in unnecessarily purging accessories for the sake of purging, I do think it’s important to recognize whether or not it’s worth keeping scarves that you’ll be excited to wear when they’re in style.






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