Professional Dress from the Inside Out

Wearing the right foundation garments can be crucial for a professional image. In other words, how you dress on the “inside” affects how you are dressed on the outside. For the most professional look, it’s important to have proper support, eliminate any bumps or lumps and erase visible panty lines.

The following tips will help you look great and feel great on the “inside” and the outside!



With all the media attention bras, (or the fact that most women don’t wear the right size bras,) have been getting over the past several years, it actually surprises me how many clients haven’t ever or at least recently been fitted for a bra.

If you haven’t been fitted for a bra in the past couple of years, run, don’t walk to your favorite department store or specialty lingerie store and get fitted. I recommend Dillard’s, Nordstrom and SOL (Cherry Creek North) for bra fittings. Unfortunately our bodies go through changes from time to time. These changes can affect how your bras fit.

Not only will you be more comfortable in bras that are the correct size, but a good fitting bra in the perfect style for your body can make you appear 10 pounds thinner, instantly! I’ve witnessed it…very early in my business I worked with a client who had never had a bra fitting. Once in the proper bra, she looked like she had lost 10-15 pounds; and she suddenly liked her body a lot more!

In addition to being fitted and finding styles that fit and flatter, it’s important to match the type of bra to your tops and blouses. If you’re wearing a t-shirt fitted knit top or fitted sweater, you need a t-shirt bra. It’s completely lace free and free of bumpy seams. Let’s face it no one wants a bumpy silhouette!

A great way to see exactly how the bras are going to look once you get your clothes on is to take a top or two with you to try on over the bras you find that you like and that fit. Take a look at yourself from all angles. Make sure you don’t see any bumps or lumps and that you absolutely love what you see.

If you love lacy bras, save them for opaque blouses and sweaters that fit a little on the looser side. You certainly don’t want bumpy lace getting in the way of your professional image.

Now that we’ve got our tops covered, let’s talk about covering our tushies. Nothing can kill your otherwise fabulous image faster than Visible Panty Lines (VPL). Two of my favorite ways of banishing VPL’s are Spanx and Hanky Panky Thongs. (And aren’t they such fun names?)



Essentially your goal is to have a completely smooth, lineless silhouette underneath your clothes. Since every body is different, there are numerous brands and styles  of shapewear to choose from. My favorite brand has always been Spanx and even within the brand, the choices are almost mind-boggling. Even if you don’t need any “shaping” I still find light shapewear to be the best solution for eliminating panty lines. (Another option is boy shorts, but I’ve never found a pair that doesn’t roll up and show on my legs…maybe it’s just me…)

Hanky Panky

Even though I love my Power Panties, I like options. The second option for creating a smooth silhouette is with Hanky Panky Thongs. I know a lot of you are cringing at the thought of thong underwear. Perhaps you tried them years back when they were tight, scratchy and they rode up your you know what! Hank Panky Thongs are different. They’re comfortable! Made from soft, stretch lace, they come in an array of colors. Even though they’re lace, they’re invisible, (no lines or binding) and I’ll repeat myself, comfortable. There may be other comfy thongs out there, but I’ve never been willing to experiment, since I’ve found my perfection.

You may be wondering why you need shapewear and thongs, right? Shapewear (or possibly the perfect boy short) is best for trousers and very form fitting clothes. It will usually also be your best solution under sheer fabrics.

And at the risk of TMI, I pretty much wear Hanky Panky’s under everything else.

As busy professionals, we have tremendous pressures and a lot to think about. By following these tips, underwear stress will be the last thing you’ll have to worry about. The right undergarments can not only help you eliminate bumps, lumps and visible panty lines creating a smooth, sleek look, but you’ll feel better both physically and psychologically knowing you’ve got a professional image on the “inside” and the outside.

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