Plan a Wardrobe for your Lifestyle

As a wardrobe consultant, I have a few questions for you…When you’re getting ready to go somewhere, do you look in your closet in a panic wondering what in the world to wear? Does this panic often turn to apathy, telling yourself it just doesn’t matter? (You know it matters when you get to your destination and you’re just not happy with your outfit.) Or lastly, do you end up panic shopping, hitting the stores quickly buying something you’re not really sure about or don’t really love…just to go home with something?

It doesn’t have to be like this! When I work on wardrobe planning with my clients, one of our main focuses is lifestyle. I have my client fill out a sheet called Roles and Goals and another called Clothes for all Reasons. Then we make sure she’s got the clothes to feel her best for every occasion. (Hint: lots of garments are dual purpose!)

Here are a couple of quick ways you can reduce your stress getting dressed and feel great everywhere you go.

  1. Make a list of your favorite activities. Do you love art openings? Travel? Dining out? Playing with your kids at the park? Next, think about how you want to feel for each activity. Do you want to feel and appear edgy for the art exhibit? Would you love to look elegant at the 5 star restaurant? Are you craving a fun look for playing at the park that still says pulled together?

If you’re not sure, do a Pinterest search. It’s easy to search things like “dressy dinner date outfits.” Then just see what inspires you!

Next, create and record outfits and capsules of clothes in your wardrobe for these activities, so you won’t even have to think about what to wear when the occasion arises. Below are a few ideas for various events:

Art opening

Art opening

Dinner date

Dinner date

Play date at the park

Play date at the park


  1. Look at your calendar for the next 6 months and see what activities you have planned. Do you have weddings to attend? Will you be giving the biggest presentation of your life? Are you attending an important business retreat?

There’s always a chance you might not know exactly what events/occasions will pop up. This is when having great basics will save you. (However, I highly encourage you to put your personal style into the basics with your accessories.)

Planning your wardrobe for your lifestyle in advance has several benefits:

  • Getting dressed will be a breeze.
  • You’ll always look and feel amazing.
  • Packing for trips will be easier.
  • You’ll be able to shop more leisurely and make better decisions.

If you’re reading all of this thinking that in theory it sounds great, but you just don’t have the time; you’re not sure what suits you; you aren’t confident on what’s appropriate for your needs; or you just aren’t inspired with anything in your closet, be sure to book an appointment with me! As a wardrobe consultant, I love helping professional women plan and create wardrobes that are perfect for their lifestyles!

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