Not All Stripes Are Evil!

stripes for body type 2Stripes are a big trend for 2017, so I’m here to dispel the common myth that stripes are evil. Not true! Almost anyone can wear stripes! As a denver wardrobe consultant, I’m here to help you figure out the best way for you to wear them.

This post is a continuation on how to wear Spring 2017’s stripe trend. Even if you’re an oval, rectangle or hourglass, you may want to check it out to learn more about the trend or what to do if you’re a combination of figure types. Plus, because dressing for your body type can be a bit tricky, make sure to learn more of the basics here, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Oval (“apple”)

You probably never thought you’d be allowed to wear stripes, huh? True, wide stripes around your middle can be deadly. Instead, opt for small horizontal stripes, i.e. the traditional French sailor top, and simply top your stripes with a cute jacket!

While thin horizontal stripes tend to slim the most, don’t be afraid to experiment with a wider stripe as long as the garment gently skims or floats away from your middle.

You can also wear pinstripes or subtle vertical striped pants, as you likely have long slim legs…better yet, bare your legs with a striped skirt. Diagonal stripes can be super slimming.


Because you want to visually slim your waist, look for horizontal stripes, where a dark stripe hits right at your waist. You’ll be amazed how small your waist suddenly looks. For a subtler look, try a belted shirtwaist dress.

Set-in waist dresses with stripes going in various directions give you added “curve appeal”!


Horizontally striped dresses will be amazing flattering on you. It’s all a matter of where the stripes are hitting you. If you’re extra curvy, go for darker stripes across your bust line and hips. Because your waist is already defined, you can afford to wear a lighter/brighter stripe around your middle. Heck, even accentuate it with a belt!

Especially if you’re new to stripes, I encourage you to get out, follow these tips, and experiment trying on a variety of different stripes. Just know that if your first attempt doesn’t work out, eventually you’ll find something that will. Even though the media shows us ideal figures modeling the clothes, truly there’s something for everyone!

If the thought of trying this new trend (or shopping for it,) scares the bejesus out of you, contact me  or set an appointment and we can talk about how I can help you get a lot more “yesses” than “no’s” and save you time, too!

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