Never Worry About Your Wardrobe Again!

Mel Robbins' motivational quote

Recently I’ve been listening to Mel Robbin’s podcast series, “Here’s Exactly What To Do.”  Episode 5, How to Stop Worrying, made me think about my so many of my clients…before we started to work together. 

Maybe you can relate. 

When I talk to a potential client on our initial call, we have a blast talking about what her ideal wardrobe would be like, her dream wardrobe, if getting dressed could be the way she’d always wanted it to be. 

There’s a TON of power in creating this wardrobe vision! 

I then go on to ask her, “If you had a wardrobe that’s A, B, and C. and getting dressed could be XYZ…, what would be the impact on you?” 

(Psst…A, B, and C, and X, Y, and Z are all her words…just thought it looked a bit nebulous!) 

Wanna know what the #2 answer I get is? (I’ll tell you the #1 answer another time…) 

The second most common response I get revolves around worry and stress. Here are some direct quotes

  • I’d have one less thing to worry about! 
  • I’d have less stress
  • I wouldn’t be grumpy every morning
  • I’d be happier
  • I wouldn’t be distracted
  • I’d have better self care
  • I’d have peace of mind

I’ve also had women tell me more than once that if they had no wardrobe worries, they’d have a lot more brain space. Mel Robbins described this as a quiet mind…Just thinking about having a quiet mind makes me go “ahhh….” 

 Without all of that worrying about their wardrobes, these beautiful, powerful, amazing women say they’d have a lot more time on their hands for things that matter to them. 

What can you do instead of worrying about your wardrobe? 

What would you do with the extra time you worry and struggle to figure out what you were going to wear it each morning? 

 I know a lot of women plan their outfits the night before after a long day of work, (which is advisable over winging it in the morning.)  Do you really want to cut into your precious evening hours worrying about what you’re going to wear the next day? 

And if you plan your clothes in the morning before work, how does the stress of the uncertainty play on your day? 

What would it be like if you could choose an outfit in an instant? 

What would it be like to have that nagging weight of worry off your shoulders? 

Clearly I’m not calling anyone out or naming names, but I hope by reading this, you know you’re not alone. 

And I want you to know, I understand. (Yes, I love to shop but I totally understand that you don’t.)

We all have things we’re good at, and other things don’t have a natural aptitude for…things that might cause us to worry and have undue stress. 

If you’re tired of the endless cycle of worrying about whether your wardrobe fits, looks good or whether you have the right clothes to make you look professional and successful, I’m here to help! 

I have such a passion for helping professional, successful women, just like you, take the stress out of getting dressed. I’d be honored to help YOU. 

I invite you to schedule a time for a complimentary Zoom call with me.

 If you’ve been worrying and stressing over your wardrobe for years, now is the time to do something about it. Schedule your complimentary wardrobe visioning call with me here. 

P.P.S. Really! What are you waiting for…schedule with this link. Your worries will lessen the moment our time is on the calendar. 

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