My Morning Routine for Style Success

There’s a lot of buzz about “morning routines” and when I searched “morning routine” on You Tube, a bunch of high school and college girls popped up recording their every move including getting in the shower.

Yeah, that’s not how this video is going to go, but I have gotten into a great morning routine I want to share and specifically how I make getting dressed a lot easier for myself and also for my clients. Yep, even a personal stylist living in Colorado needs tools for making getting dressed easier!

My Morning Routine for Style Success

(Getting dressed easily starts around 4:51, so feel free to skip if you’ve get the rest of your morning all set up.)

I’m a big snooze alarm kind of gal, but I find that when I go bed the night before with the intention of getting up on the first ring, I can do it and sometimes wake up just a few minutes before and shut it off, so my husband doesn’t have to hear my alarm multiple times.

Once I’m up, I head downstairs, let my pup out, feed her and start coffee. (I LOVE Peet’s coffee and if you’ve never tried it…you should. It’s expensive, so stock up when it’s on sale.)

Next, I make my Shakeology. It’s loaded with amazing nutrition! My favorite flavor is the cafe latte, but my secret is that I add espresso powder so in about a half an hour, I’m awake enough to work out!

I’ve really been into personal development lately and am reading Super Attractor. You guys! This book is amazing! Along with my gratitude practice that I usually do at night, using the tips in this book I’ve really got some great things popping in my life right now!

I read for about a half hour and then  work out. I should add that I put my work out clothes on the second I get out of bed and then I have no excuse for not working out.

I Iove working out at home! I never thought I’d be an at-home work out gal, but it has kept me super consistent with my workouts for about the last 6 years.

So then after my workout I shower and get dressed. The way I get dressed really easily is with my wardrobe charts.

If you’re ONLY interested in how my wardrobe creation works to help you get dressed easily, start the video about 4:51. (I meant to make this video much shorter and finally learned how to edit, but I need to practice with a dummy video first, so I don’t drive myself crazy, lol!)

Be sure to check out the video, so you can see the clothes and outfit charts and get inspired!

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If you have a morning routine that YOU love, please comment below…I’m always interested in upgrading mine…and I’m sure other readers are interested too…everyone’s different.

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3 comments on “My Morning Routine for Style Success

  1. HI Dana,
    Great video. I like the inventory page you recommend. Good way to know how many different outfits you can create in your closet. Thanks for sharing.

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