Making the case for a tailored summer suit

As an image consultant and personal stylist specializing in professional dress, I can’t help but be uber aware of how casual Denver has gotten with clothing for the office and “off-duty.” Most of my clients wear business casual, but it’s definitely a great idea to “suit” up once in a while. Here are a few client examples that prove that having a tailored suit or tailored, dressy coordinated pants/skirt and jacket for spring and summer can be indispensable in your wardrobe.

light blue suit

(All client names have been changed to protect privacy.)

Margaret is an attorney who was recently recruited as a partner to a very large, international law firm. Along with working with other high profile colleagues, she clearly works with equally important clients and also will also be recruiting qualified candidates to her firm. Run of the mill, business casual clothes just aren’t going to cut it for Margaret!

While shopping recently we purchased not an actual suit, (as she has several in her closet) but extremely sharp, updated suiting separates that make her feel and look like a million bucks. She mentioned she feels confident shopping on her own for every day pieces, but shopping with me, she is assured she’s making the right choices when she’s investing in quality, refined pieces. All of the looks we put together are cool, comfortable and have just the right level of formality for travel and in office meetings.

Rachel has worked in middle management at her engineering firm for several years. She recently entered the executive training program, so not only is she traveling to the east coast where she’s noticed a more formal manner of dress, but she’s much more visible to the principles of the company.

For a recent, very important, group presentation we styled her in a black, tailored suit (her first!) and a softly draped teal, silk blouse and appropriate accessories. We had the suit altered to perfection, and she knew her image was perfect for her goals! Rachel reported back to me that she was able to completely focus on her presentation, not worrying one iota about her attire. Another thing to note is that she was one of two females on her presentation team and needed to blend in with her team while at the same time standing out maintaining her femininity and personal style. Mission accomplished!

Also, since we’ve been working together, Rachel has been dressing for the job she wants and has noticed others are responding more positively to her…only increasing her confidence! Even more exciting, she has been transferred to a more visible position and is on track for an important promotion!

black suit eveningAnd one last case…Kathleen, (a friend but not a client,) had plans to attend a business conference out of town for a couple of months. Two days prior to her departure, she found out that the Saturday evening event would be black-tie. She was fairly certain she didn’t have anything suitable; nor is it likely she will have another black-tie event to attend any time in the near future. (And she definitely didn’t have time to shop!) While it’s not ideal, a quality, black (or another rich color), tailored suit with a beautiful, silk blouse and sparkly jewelry would be perfect for the occasion. The likelihood of her wearing a black pant suit again? Very high!

While you may not wear these kinds of clothes every day, the value of having these kinds of pieces ready to go in your wardrobe is priceless! I’m sure you can think of many more situations where a suit would serve you well. And if you’re worried about them sitting and collecting dust in your closet, check out this post about tailored separates that should change your mind.

If you’re still not convinced of needing at least one tailored suit or suiting separates in your wardrobe? Check out this article I posted on Facebook. With facts and figures, it’s absolutely fascinating!

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