How to make your short legs look longer

make your short legs look longer

Now that you’ve determined you have a long torso and short legs, I want to talk about how to look taller and slimmer. It’s all about creating optical illusions, the magic of fashion!

Although there are countless possibilities for flattering styles, I’ve had many clients and readers tell me that fewer options are easier to keep in mind when they’re out shopping.

So today I’m offering up  6 stylish solutions for balancing your figure vertically, so you can get dressed with ease. Here are styles to look for and avoid with tips for styling them. I’m also giving simple explanations so you can understand the “why’s” and feel confident you’re doing it right!

High waisted skirts:

By raising your waistline to a spot above your natural waist, your waist appears higher and your legs look longer.

High-rise/mid-rise pants and jeans-Avoid low-rise pants:

A similar concept…pants with a higher rise elongate your legs. Low-rise, or hip huggers, mimic your body proportions and emphasize your short legs.

Tuck whenever possible:

Tucking tops in (and wearing belts) creates a horizontal line across your torso, breaking it up, making your mid-section look shorter and your body as a whole appear more in balance.

Empire waist dresses:

Like high waisted skirt or pants, an empire waist dress allows the eye to bypass your natural waist, making your legs look a mile long!

Ankle length and longer pants:

Your legs only look as long as your pants. By wearing long pants, with heels if possible, your legs look much longer than they truly are. Capris/crops aren’t great, but if they’re high-rise and you tuck your top, it’s doable in warm weather.

Low vamped shoes:

These are low cut, slip on styles without any type of strap on your ankle, making your leg look as long as possible. An ankle strap or high vamped shoe, i.e. covers most of your foot, cuts off your leg, right then and there…similar to a capri pant.

Over to you…how do you like these styles? Will you wear them to help balance your figure?

How to Make Your Legs Look Longer


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  1. That’s true about skirts. Above the knee is a good proportion, and midi skirts are very difficult to wear. The thing that’s a little difficult about skirts is that you can’t wear a longer top with them.

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