How to Feel More Stylish in Black Pants

3 Ways to Feel More Stylish in Black Pants

I’ll just say it—black pants are boring! Don’t get me wrong…I have black pants! I wear black pants. But it’s easy to get in a style rut and just throw them on with any old thing and be out the door, especially on those blah mornings.

Or mornings where you’ve already tried on a few outfits that didn’t work, and finally you just have get dressed and get to work.

I’m not a wardrobe consultant who will ever tell you to get rid of black pants. (Remember? I have them.) And they’re way too versatile to kick out of your closet. But there are ways to wear black pants and feel and look more stylish instead of blah.

These techniques may not exactly be groundbreaking, but it’s easy to fall into a style rut when you have to get dressed for work every day (and the day after that…!)

So let’s get started!

3 Ways to Feel More Stylish in Black Pants

1. Slip on Patterned Shoes

Here’s the easiest way to add a little pop into what otherwise might be a boring outfit. Instead of wearing the same black pumps or booties you always wear with said black pants, reach for your leopard print pumps or snakeskin booties. The rest of your outfit can be your standard, but I guarantee your “new” shoes will put a little spring in your step.

Feel more stylish in black pants

If you work in a more conservative office where animal print might be frowned upon, choose a colored shoe. Who doesn’t feel better in fire engine red heels? Red a little risky? Grey suede pumps or sling backs are sure to add just plenty of newness to your black pants!

2. Accessorize to the Nines

Accessories can completely change the look of even the simplest outfit, taking it from just okay to “wow!” The right jewelry combination can even up the professionalism of your whole look.

Coming up with a new way to wear jewelry with an everyday, work outfit can be a little tougher and definitely requires planning. Yep, I know this from experience! Trying to find the perfect accessories for an outfit, has definitely put me  in a battle with the clock a few times. (#imnotamorningperson)

Plan your newly, accessorized outfits in advance, or at least the night before. 

Feel more stylish in black pants

And I urge you to really switch up your accessories! (But if you need to take baby steps and make small changes, that’s okay too.)

For example, if you always wear a simple, delicate silver necklace and stud earrings with your go-to black pants outfit, break out and wear a bolder necklace or patterned scarf. Then continue on, and find the best earrings and ring/watch/scarf combo, whatever the outfit needs.

Getting all your new accessories to play well with each other can take some time; hence plan it in advance, so you’ll be ready to go!

3. Try a new color top.

You probably know you can wear just about any color with black, right? That’s the beauty of neutrals. But it’s easy to fall back on wearing white or beige with said pants. To feel more stylish, you gotta shake things up!

Love bright colors? Try red! If a solid, red blouse or sweater feels a bit bold for your style, tone it down with a print. Or pop on a neutral jacket, so just a little of the color/print shows.

Are your black pants starting to feel more fun?


Here’s a bonus way to break out of your black pants style rut.

Try an entirely new-to-you pant style!

  • Do you always wear trousers? Add a pair of slim cropped pants to your wardrobe.
  • Are you sick of your black ankle pants? Try a pair of wide leg black pants.

Like a broken record, I’ll still advise you to do a little advance experimenting with your new silhouette. You may need to play with your tops a bit to get the right proportion.

I encourage you to try  these tips to freshen up your black pants and feel more stylish  and ultimately, more confident when you walk out the door.

And if you don’t have the right items to make your outfits, it’s a great excuse for a shopping trip, and you’ll know what to shop for.

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