How to Dress to Look 10 Pounds Thinner without Dieting

Does looking like you’ve lost 10 pounds or more without dieting sound too good to be true? It’s possible…when you dress in the right clothes, you can look thinner!

Recently Edina Clagette from BeYoutiful Portraits invited me to be her guest on her video BeYou Tips. If you’ve been putting off a photo shoot (that you know you need,) because you want to lose weight first, check out the video to learn ways you can dress to look thinner and feel beautiful RIGHT NOW.

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Avoid baggy clothes

Shapeless, oversized clothes can give you a comfortable hiding place, but the truth is these silhouettes it add unnecessary inches to your body! Your clothes don’t need to be tight, but for a slimmer look, we should be able to see a hint of your body.

Wear the same color head to toe

Whenever you dress in one color from head to toe, (monochromatic color scheme) you automatically look thinner. You’re not breaking your body up into any parts, which creates a long lean line…and a slimmer looking you!

Typically we think of black when we’re trying to slim our look, but truly dressing in one color works with any color…even white!


V-neck necklines are universally flattering.  They draw the eye to the middle of your body, and from there it automatically goes up to your beautiful face!


If you want a more substantial look than just a V-neck blouse or sweater alone can give you, look no further than a classic blazer or jacket. Worn open, you create a long slim line down the center of your body…always slimming!

If you are what I call a “buttoner” and prefer to button your blazers, choosing a jacket with slim lapels and a deep V (see, there’s that V again,) will draw the eye in toward the middle of your body.

The deep V blazer has an added bonus. Its slim point creates the visual illusion that your waist is much, much smaller!

Illusion Dresses

Illusion dresses have dark side panels with a contrasting color running down the middle of the dress.

This dress style is magical! It tricks the eye into thinking you’re only as wide as the middle of the dress. (What?!)

Slimming patterns

So far we’ve been talking about a lot of solid colors. But what if you like patterns? Great news…you can wear patterns! Somewhat small patterns, with curved lines and a continuous flow can be as slimming as solid colors.

Always be cautious with larger, spotty patterns. For example, you never want a singular flower sitting right on the middle of your booty!

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are instantly slimming, because they cinch the smallest part of the torso…and they usually have a V-neck, which slims your upper body. Finally, they flow gracefully over your hips…an overall feminine, flattering silhouette.


Shapewear has come a long way over the years!  Shapers are vastly more comfortable than they used to be, and truly, there’s a style for every need and body shape.

Besides smoothing and slimming, shapewear is a real confidence booster! And lastly, what you may not know…all of the celebrities on the red carpet are wearing shapewear.

These are just a few of style ideas to help you instantly look 10 pounds slimmer. Check out this post to learn how to stop hiding in your clothes and highlight your best assets. 

And you may also like this post all about how to figure out your body type and easy to remember tips to dress it. 

Once you learn the tricks of creating optical illusions with your clothes, fashion can be fun again.

And if you are interested in branding photos or simply the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself, head over to Beyoutiful Portraits. Edina is fun, a true master of her craft and has a gorgeous studio.

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  1. Nice job Dana! Love the info and that you always manage to pull in some Etcetera. Holler if you want to come take a peek at the patterned jeans 👖 they are so cute. -Cari

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