How to Dress For Your Lifestyle

The other day I was talking with a new client, and we discovered that her biggest need is to get some clothes that will really work for her lifestyle. 

This got me thinking…clothes for lifestyle needs, clothes that fit how you really live your life, is a pretty common need for most of my clients. So I thought I’d talk about How to Dress for Your Lifestyle. 

It can be so easy to gravitate toward the kind of clothes we’re most comfortable in or used to wearing. 

Now you may be thinking, “What’s wrong with that, Dana?”

I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with buying  clothes you like, but when you aren’t paying attention to your wardrobe as a whole, some stress can arise. 

I find many women fall into one of two categories: 

  1. You have all casual clothing, i.e. jeans, t’s, and sweaters

  • When a special event, like a wedding comes up, you don’t have anything for it, and things get stressful.
  • Should you go on a trip, and you plan a special dinner out, you don’t have anything for it…enter stress.
  • You feel the same every day.

      2. You have all business wear, i.e. slacks, blouses, blazers. 

  • You end up wearing a business blouse with jeans or come straight from the office for Girls Night Out, and it never feels quite right.
  • You’re invited to a barbecue, and you end up being really hot and uncomfortable because your most casual choices were jeans or black business casual pants.
  • You feel the same every day.

Don’t feel bad if you recognize yourself in either of these groups. There are great women in both categories!

It’s an easy fix. 

When I work with my clients, I have them do a couple of exercises. (Don’t live in Colorado? Check out how I help virtually here.) 

First, list out all of your roles, i.e. work, mom, traveler, etc. Next, think of (and write down) all of the activities you do for each role. 

Be specific. Don’t just include work. Do you have meetings? Do you do presentations? Travel? Sales calls? 

Finally, ask yourself if you have the right clothes for everything you do on a consistent basis. 

The next exercise is to think of clothes for all reasons. For each category, consider if you’re satisfied, needs improvement, or needs a complete overhaul. 

Psst…you’ll probably want to head into your closet for this one. 

So “wedding guest” may not be a huge role in your life, but do you have a dress you could wear without last minute panic shopping? Or if all of your friends or friend’s kids are suddenly getting married, this category might need a complete overhaul. 

Do you struggle with what to wear for a casual or formal party? 


Both of these exercises should give you great insight toward balancing your wardrobe, dressing for your lifestyle and 

Taking the Stress Out of Getting Dressed! 

Does the thought of this overwhelm you? Need some help? Let’s hop on a Zoom call together and explore how we can work together. 

Schedule your call right here.

I take a comprehensive, collaborative approach to help you create a wardrobe you feel great in…A polished, put together wardrobe that reflects who you are, supports your lifestyle and helps you get dressed with ease. 

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