How to Dress for Valentine’s Day if…

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! Of course, I like Christmas, but Valentine’s Day is perfect timing to get me out of those winter doldrums. Pink, red, and purple hearts are cheery and the wearing the colors can make you feel great!

Since February 14 will be here before you know it, I thought I’d give you some ideas for how you can dress for the day  of love whether you’re going to work; have a date with your sweetie or a  new hottie; or are having a casual Galentine’s brunch or family gathering.

No matter what, if you follow these tips to create your outfit for the day, you’ll look and feel amazing. (Psst…of course, you can wear these looks before and after Valentine’s day, too!)

And of course, these are just ideas. If you really don’t like pink or red, sub in a color you feel amazing in!

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

If you’re interested in any of the pieces, just click on each picture to take you to all the details to shop. I may make a small commission when you shop, but there’s never an additional charge to you. Thanks for trusting me to  help you be your most stylish self. 

You want to look a little “Valentiney” at work:

Subtle is your key word! Do you have a new red blouse? Pair it with your favorite black suit (even if you typically don’t wear suits on Fridays.)

If business casual is more your style, a blush sweater with gray pants would be “lovely”. Or copycat the outfit below! Note: keep the shapes relatively tailored for a professional appearance. Prefer a smaller dose of “love” in the office?  Add pops of red or pink with jewelry, shoes or even a beautiful manicure.  I mean,come on…ya gotta love a red mani!

outfit idea Valentine's Day at work

You have a Valentine’s Day date with your long-time honey:

Going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day is practically a given if you’re in a long term relationship. You may think he doesn’t care or notice what you wear.

Why not surprise him with a special look?  When you’re sitting at a table for two, concentrate on your upper half and switch up what you normally wear. For example, if you always wear blouses try a sexy sweater. Or if you rarely wear dresses…just do it! Then add eye catching jewelry to catch the romantic light.

Valentine's Day date outfit idea

A Valentine’s Day Date with “Mister/Ms Might Be Right” :

Make him notice you! I’m not necessarily suggesting down-to-there necklines and short skirts, (I mean you can if you w but consider highlighting a part of your body you really like and would like him to focus on.

If it’s your tiny waist, wear a beautiful belt. Like your legs? Wear a pencil skirt! Even if you’re not feeling great about your body, there’s got to be something you like.

Do you love your hands? Be sure to splurge on an amazing manicure and pile on rings, (leaving your left ring finger naked!) If you want him to be mesmerized by your eyes, wear plenty of mascara and sparkly earrings in your eye color.

Not sure you’re up for all the color exploding off the page? Here’s a way to be sexy on Valentine’s Day with just a pop of red.

A Valentine's Day date outfit idea

You’re having a casual family or Galentine’s Valentines Day brunch: 

Not having a date is no reason not to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Have a party at your house or plan a fun brunch with family or gal pals! This is the perfect chance to be extra comfy and casual.

A comfy, casual Valentine's Day outfit idea


Sure, February 14 is almost 2 week away, but if you want to take the stress out of getting dressed, planning is what it takes. Even if you don’t care about the holiday, following today’s tips can help take away the winter doldrums and help you feel great about yourself, too!

If you’ve read through this post and have gone into your closet and come out frustrated or just not sure how to make it work, we should talk. I offer a free 60 minute phone consult, and I’d love to help you sort your “wardrobe woes” out. Schedule your time today!

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  1. I’ve totally lost it. I don’t get maniucres, I haven’t shopped for rreally along time, and my closet is so out of date. Your syles are fabulous, but I have no place to wear them. I’ve lost the style, Dana. If I ever had one.

    1. Hi Dawn!

      How great to hear from you! You definitely had a style. Although things have changed from those cute little dresses we used to wear when we worked at the Denver together! I would love to help you! I’ll send you a private e-mail.

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