How to Discover Your Personal Style

Along with resolutions, goals, intentions, etc., the beginning of the year is a really good time to take stock of your style and make style goals. Is this the year you’re finally going to get your closet in shape? Will this be the year you start buying only things you love?

At the core of having an easy wardrobe you love that makes you feel your very best is your personal style. Is your current style serving you? In other words, does what you’re wearing make you feel like you? Are you excited about it?

Are you feeling a shift in your style? For example, when I first started my business in 2004, my style was quite tailored with suits, jackets and pumps. Of course, styles have changed and things have become considerably more casual, but I’ve noticed I’m craving less tailored, a bit trendier and a lot more comfortable things, and yes, as hard as it was, I got rid of a lot of clothes that seemed too stiff, traditional and uncomfortable.

I encourage you to explore your style. Before I began my image training oh so many years ago, the phrase “personal style” was an enigma to me. I’d take the online quizzes and never came up with the same results twice. In its truest essence, personal style is taking what you like and don’t like, blending it with your lifestyle and body type.

personal style by Dana LynchHere are some ways to cultivate or adjust your personal style:

First, think about the design elements (line, shape color, texture and pattern,) you like and those you don’t. Yes, knowing what you don’t like is as valuable as knowing what you do like. Do you like neutral colors and hate pastels? Do you only love wearing black and can’t stand bright colors? Do you enjoy wearing prints but they have to be abstract prints and definitely not florals?

In addition to colors and patterns, consider textures, styles, details, fabrics, fabric weight, etc. I invite you to take notes. A good place to start is simply brainstorming with a pen and paper, your computer, phone, etc.

Next, when you’ve run out of answers, head into your closet. Examine the design elements of the things you wear the most? Think about how you feel when you wear these things. Be sure to do the same with the garments you don’t like. Perhaps you’ll come up with a conclusion. Note all of your observations.

The third step is to look through magazines, catalogs, web sites, blogs or Pinterest to find photos of looks you love. Tear them out or print them. Of course, you can do also all of this on your computer. You simply want to have the ability to make notes and categorize your findings.

As you start to amass your photos, you’ll begin to see some trends arise. For example, perhaps you pulled a large number of dresses, but you don’t have any dresses. Perhaps you found a number of red items, but you have mostly black in your wardrobe. These are all clues into your style shift. Again, take notes about your conclusions.

Image Inspiration, a blog post on personal style I wrote several years ago will give you a few more insights into exploring your personal style. While fashion changes, the process of identifying your personal style does not!

When I work with my clients, we work on the above exercises (and a few more) to come up with your Style Recipe. Each woman’s style recipe is unique, juicy and her true essence.  None have the same “ingredients” you’ll find on a confusing, online personal style quiz!

If you’ve read this article, but you feel like you’d like some support with your style evolution, simply click the “I’m ready” button toward the top right side of the page to schedule your time for a FREE phone consult with me. We’ll get acquainted and discuss what an ideal wardrobe would look like and be like for you. I look forward to meeting you!

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