Fashion Tape!

Okay, so this isn’t anything absolutely new, but nevertheless very exciting to me, so I thought I’d share. Fashion Tape! It all started when I was at Victoria’s Secret the other day buying a bra to wear with a very low cut ABS dress I’m planning on wearing to a wedding in a couple of weeks. (This is actually the dress, however, I’m hoping my hair will look better!) I was very excited to find a great new strapless bra. I was also looking for accessories to go with my dress and had it with me, so I thought I’d try on the dress over the bra, just to make sure it worked. You could still see the center of the bra a little. In a panic, I asked the salesperson if there were any other solutions. She suggested using fashion tape to stick the bra to my dress. Voila! You can’t see a thing.

Coincidentally, I had on a top that day that is very complicated. (I know, you may be wondering why a shopping pro would wear something like that on a shopping trip. Hey, no body’s perfect!) I won’t go into all of the details, but I had the top pinned to my bra straps, etc. All I did was whip out the fashion tape, and everything was perfect. I’m thinking this fashion tape is going to be great for a lot of sticky situations: the blouse that fits, but the buttons are in the wrong place, hems that fall out as you’re walking out the door, strapless tops that just won’t stay up and more!

I bought the ones from Victoria’s Secret, since I was there, but the Hollywood Fashion Tape is a little cheaper, and I happened to see it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond when I was buying a wedding gift.

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