Fall Trends: My Favorites for 2022

Fall trends, it’s time again! You may be thinking…Hey, back off with your fall trends, lady! It’s 95 degrees out!

But then again, you might be in the everything Pumpkin Spice camp and can’t wait for the temps to dip so you can pull out your sweaters.

Personally, I’m actually in the first camp. So why am I talking about fall trends so early?

Because as a professional woman, your wardrobe will work best for you if you PLAN it.

So I’m giving you a super early peek, because as we all know…time flies, and chilly weather can pop up at any time. But you’ll be prepared…cuz you knew the trends in time to decide what to add to your wardrobe.

 Three quick things to know in case you’re new here: 

  • There are tons of trends out there, but I focus on those that are PROFESSIONAL and WEARABLE. 
  • I also don’t believe in fast fashion, so I bring you trends I believe will last. You’ll look stylish and high quality…not trendy. Nothing terribly extreme here. 

So without much further ado, here are

My favorite fall trends for 2022

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were in style a few years back. The difference in this year’s trend is that for 2022, the jackets are oversized. I definitely recommend not going quite as large as you see on many  models. Your pick will have a lot more lasting power and even work in a professional setting, if styled just right.

And yes! If you wanna wear the bomber already in your closet, or choose a cropped bomber, I doubt the fashion police will come to get you!

See something that would be amazing in your wardrobe? Just click the photos shop the outfit or to go to my storefront to shop all my looks.  I may make a small commission, but obvi, no additional charge to you

Wide leg pants and more

Wide leg pants have been trending over the past several years; however, it seems like this year they’ve really taken hold.

But the good news is there is a large number of pant styles that are currently in: straight leg, flare, cropped flare, wide leg crop, even classic trousers.

Fall 2022 Pant Styles


Leather and faux leather leggings, including the ubiquitous Spanx faux leather leggings have been trending the last few year, but this year leather pants are very on trend. That’s not all, leather jackets, blouses and skirts are prevalent for fall 2022. Unless you work in a crazy conservative office, leather can be a great addition to your work wardrobe.

Fall 2022 Leather Trend



No, you’re not sharing your wardrobe with Barbie, LOL…essentially this trend is simply pink, pink, pink, especially hot pink and bubblegum. Many looks are monochromatic, but feel free to indulge in this trend with a simple pink dress or silk blouse with neutral toned pants. 

Fall 2022 Barbiecore


I’ve actually never been a huge fan of vests, but I’m kind of warming up to the idea. My favorites are menswear inspired. They’re perfect with a blouse or even sleeveless (if the fit is right) for early fall and pair well with warmer underpinnings when it cools down. They’ll even sub in for a blazer to form a non-traditional “suit” if you opt for matching pants!

Fall 2022 trend vests and waistcoats

Cargo pants/Utility pants

Chances are good you may have some cargo pants in your wardrobe. If your pants aren’t too rugged, it’s a good opportunity to shop your closet. Your best choices are non-bulky, sleek pocketed styles. For a business casual or casual work look, pair the cargos with a classic blazer…fashion forward and comfy!

Olive is my pick for early fall! I love the juxtaposition of casual bottoms and dressy tops!

Fall Trends 2022 Cargo Pants

Knee high boots

Knee high boots have taken a back seat to ankle booties for years now. And while they’re classic, this fall they’re a much more prevalent trend. Take note, the newer pairing is with skirts or dresses rather than tucking your skinny jeans into the boots. Don’t worry! Booties are still in style!

Fall Boots

Mary Janes

While Mary Janes have been around FOR-EVER, they’re back as a fashion trend for fall 2022. Flats are a natural; however, you’ll find some super cute heels as well. Skip overly chunky styles for work, and beware of frumpy mary janes. Seek out something fun!

fal l2022 trend mary janes

These fall trends are just a sliver of what the fashion world is giving us for the upcoming season. Be sure to stay tuned as I’ll go into further depth and share more styling ideas as the leaves begin to blow.

Do you see any trends you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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