Fall 2015 Color Trends for your Wardrobe


Pantone is an organization that has been forecasting each season’s color trends for all things design for over 50 years! I especially love this year’s colors. Below is a guide to how you can make this forecast work for your wardrobe.

What’s interesting is that with the above palette, you can create many different color schemes:

  •  Neutral color schemes, i.e. Stormy Weather/Oak Buff/Marsala
  • Neutral and accent color schemes, i.e. Stormy Weather/Cadmium Orange
  • Monochromatic color schemes, i.e. Reflecting Pond/Biscay Bay
  • Color blocking, i.e. Cadmium Orange/Amethyst Orchid

Marsala: Marsala has been awarded with the title of “Color of the Year”. (Quite honestly, I can’t say that this has all that much significance in the market place.) Even though the swatch above looks more maroon, with a strong brown undertone, I’m mostly seeing the color wine in the stores. Wine is a color that looks good on most people and is gorgeous worn monochromaticly (all one color) with varied textures or as a neutral grounding other colors. Marsala pants would be a great addition to your fall wardrobe!

Dried Herb: Essentially this hue is olive green. The Pantone colors are simply a guide. It’s not necessary to get an exact match on the shades. Dried Herb is also an unexpected neutral color. It’s also a nod to the ever present military trend. It’s fabulous for green eyed beauties!

Desert Sage: This color runs from sage green to green with taupe undertones. Because it’s a lighter color it may be a bit hard to wear; however, it’s a great neutral for fair skinned blondes who get washed out by stronger colors.

Stormy Weather: As it’s name suggests, Stormy Weather is a powerful, dark grey with strong blue undertones. This is my favorite neutral of the bunch! Ever since my mother told me (back in grade school,) “You don’t look good in grey,” I’ve been in search of just the right shade to prove her wrong. It’s perfect for bringing out blue eyes, and just may over shadow your need to add black to your wardrobe this fall.

Oak Buff: Primarily a shade of camel, this is a warm color that suggests luxury and not only looks expensive but creates a distinctive look when paired with colors like Biscay Bay or Amethyst Orchid. Because of its yellow undertones, it may be hard to wear near your face. No worries, try it as a skirt, bootie or handbag!

Biscay Bay: As I Googled  “Biscay Bay” to locate photos so I could describe it better, I found out it’s an actual bay located just off the eastern coast of France; no wonder I like it so much! New search…This  mid tone, teal with equal parts blue and green is another fairly universal color. It’s beautiful as a blouse color and makes a great background for novelty or sophisticated prints. I love the fact that this shade, along with several other colors of the season, can be worn year round.

Reflecting Pond: Although it looks navy above, this hue in its literal form slants more to very dark teal. If you prefer to call it as you see it above, you’re still on trend! As I mentioned above, a monochromatic color scheme of this shade paired with Biscay Bay is interesting and chic!

Cadmium Orange: When I first started my business  as an image consultant over 11 years ago, “orange” was my clients’ most disliked color. As orange has become more popular, I see it less and and less on the “dislike” list. Cadmium Orange, in its literal translation, appears rather soft and reminds me of a Creamsicle! Besides this soft, easy to wear shade, you’ll also see lots of bright orange on the racks. I especially like both shades of orange combined with Stormy Weather…a way to wear it without looking like Halloween!

Cashmere Rose: Translation…lots of pink for fall/winter 2015! In the more mauve tones, it’s very reminiscent of the popular shade from the ’70’s. Wearing spring colors like Cashmere Rose in winter fabrics, is cheery and unexpected. A Cashmere Rose coat, anyone?

Amethyst Orchid: Last but not least…purple! Amethyst is a favorite gem stone of many (including moi)! I can’t think of a better excuse not to add one to your wardrobe this season! All kidding aside, Amethyst Orchid is a rather unusual tone, and in ready-to-wear clothes and accessories, you’re more likely to find varying shades of purple than the true Pantone prediction. Depending on the shade, purple plays well with almost every hue on the Pantone chart.

I rarely consider any color to be “out”; however, these colors will show up regularly this season. Be sure to save this post on your phone for inspiration when you’re out shopping this fall!




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