Dressing for Your Body Type-Stop Hiding

Contrary to popular belief, no woman is perfect. Nor is there a woman out there who is completely flawed. Dressing to be your most beautiful is simply a matter of downplaying the parts of your body you’re not so crazy about and emphasizing the parts you love. More often than not, women are mostly interested in concealing their “flaws.”

Today I’d like to talk about emphasizing the areas of your body that you love. Dressing to celebrate yourself instead of just covering everything up can help you see yourself in a whole new light. You’ll see an increase in your confidence and get more compliments than ever before. (Who doesn’t like compliments, right?)

I invite you to fire your inner critic and look at yourself with an admiring eye. If you’re really having trouble with this, recruit a couple of friends and look at each other objectively. Once you’ve identified features you’d like to highlight, take a look in your closet and jewelry box and see what you’ve got to “emphasize the positive.”


Belts are your friend! When choosing the width, keep scale in mind. Many times we think of wearing belts with pants, but forget about them when it comes to skirts. A great belt can perk up even the most conservative skirt. Even when you’re not wearing a belt, remember to always choose clothing that shows off your waistline!


Deep V-necks and surplice necklines are extremely flattering for you. (Keep in mind you might need a camisole underneath to keep things office appropriate.) Look for one-button jackets that close just below the bustline. It’s a flattering look without being overtly sexy. Forget black sweaters, celebrate your beautiful torso with light and bright colors along with any detail you like to bring attention to your best feature.


 As simplistic as it sounds—Wear skirts! And dresses! I’m floored by the number of women I work with who have fantastic legs, but they keep them covered up with pants. There are a lot of different skirt styles on the market this year. If you haven’t worn a skirt in a while, I encourage you to give it a try. Stovepipe and skinny jeans will reveal shapely thighs. High heels will enhance pretty calves.


Even if your booty isn’t as small as you’d like, chances are really good it’s got a great shape. Play up your curves with bias cut skirts and knit wrap dresses. Pencil skirts will also flatter a pretty hipline and behind. Look for back pockets with flaps and interesting designs to further emphasize your fabulous fanny!


Bare your arms as often as possible. I suspect that if you have toned arms, you’ve worked hard for them, so you deserve to show off. Strapless dresses also draw the eye to shapely arms. Bring attention to your forearms with beautiful bracelets. For evening enhance your arms with a tiny bit of shimmery powder.


Lucky you! In the winter, show off your beautiful neck with turtlenecks in sumptuous fabrics. In warmer weather you’ll look fabulous in strapless styles. Try long, dangling earrings especially if you have short hair or can sweep your hair up off of your neck.

If you haven’t identified with any of the previous assets, keep trying! Here are a few more ideas.


 Find a nail polish you love, and splurge on manicures! It’s incredible how much people notice your hands. Unless you love French manicures and light colors, I say choose a color you love. (Bright nail polish colors make me happy!) Beautiful rings and bracelets also bring attention to your lovely hands.


Wear sandals and open toed shoes as often as possible. Don’t settle for sensible shoes—Look for fabulous styles that will draw attention to your attractive tootsies! Peep toe pumps and flats are office appropriate in most cases, and they show just a small flash of your bright colored toe nail polish. Treat yourself to regular pedicures even in the winter. You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel.



My lovely, dear friend Marjory emphasizes her hair color better than anyone anyone I know!

Bring attention to your hair color by repeating its color in your clothing and accessories. For example, if you have a gorgeous shade of red hair, emphasize it by wearing coppers, rusts and russets. Repeating your hair color in your shoes and handbag has an amazing effect. And if you have fantastic hair, be good to it. Nothing makes you feel better than a fresh haircut and color!


As with hair, repeat your eye color in your accessories and tops. Try for shades that are a bit lighter or darker than your eyes to really make them stand out. Wear sparkly/shiny earrings in your eye color to really make them pop. In addition to being a beautiful look, repeating your eye color in your clothes and accessories makes you extra approachable


To play up your lips choose a lipstick color that is a couple of shades darker or lighter than your natural lip color then apply clear lip gloss. For a more dramatic look, find a bold lipstick shade you love, and keep the rest of your make-up very subdued. For a fun, unexpected look, pair a printed scarf that has your lip color with a neutral colored outfit.


If you love your beautiful, luminescent skin, commit to finding clothing shades that are close to your skin tone. Consider soft colors like your blush or bronzer for a knockout, sensual date look.

Instead of reaching for a white or ivory blouse to wear under a suit, try a skin tone or blush tone for approachable authority.

Showing off what you feel good about will make you shine like never before, increasing your confidence by leaps and bounds. I urge you to take a trip into your closet to start experimenting with highlighting your assets versus trying to cover everything up. Then get ready for compliments!

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