Dress in Pink (Carefully) for the Cure


I belong to an organization in Denver called the Alliance of Professional WomenQuite a few members are participating in the Race for the Cure, on October 7. I was at a board meeting tonight and tomorrow is our monthly luncheon. They mentioned that the participants are going to try to wear pink to the luncheon tomorrow. It got me thinking, “hmmm…pink for business…be careful!” While I make it a practice not to make big rules about dressing, I think pink is worth talking about. The problems with pink for business are:
  • It’s associated with Barbie. (Okay, so she’s an icon and she’s got a great body, but if you take her head off of her body, it’s hollow!)
  • It reminds a lot of people of baby girls. (They’re adorable, but they’re not so powerful.)
  • Really pale pink can wash a lot of people out. (Aren’t we all trying to really show up?)

Seriously, I’m not about to tell my clients or anyone else not to wear pink for business if they love it. I just advise caution! Here are some tips if you love pink and want to wear it for business.

First, think about your occasion. If you’re going on your first sales call with a decision maker who’s known to be a barracuda, I’d probably suggest black and white or navy and white over pink. If you feel powerful in pink, wear pink hanky pankies until you develop a relationship with the guy. I’d also keep your pink under wrap when you’re negotiating and closing the deal.

Instead of an all pink suit, consider it for your blouse. Charcoal gray with fuscia is a really unusual combination!

Pale pink in combination with other colors can be very elegant and sophisticated. Your textures need to be rich. For example, a silk charmeuse, pale pink blouse would look incredible under a pearl gray, cashmere blend suit. A sumptuous, pale pink, cashmere sweater would be great with a beige, wool, pencil skirt. Think quality!

Pink accessories might be enough for some. Again, really think it out. Nothing you wear for business should look like something your teenage cousin, niece or daughter would wear.

Deck yourself from head to toe in pink during October to support breast cancer. Wear pink with caution for business!

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