Ditch the Dullness: 3 Stylish Pant Options Instead of Black

Did you get a little nervous at the idea of pants “instead of black”? Yes, black pants are tried and true; they’re easy, and office worthy, but they can also be a little boring.

Here are 3 pant outfit ideas you can try instead of always relying on black.

And of course, you know I’m gonna explain why these outfits work, so you can feel completely confident trying them!

3 Stylish Pant Options Instead of Black

If you’re interested in any of the pieces, just click on each picture to take you to all the details to shop. I may make a small commission when you shop, but there’s never an additional charge to you. Thanks for trusting me to  help you be your most stylish self. Click here to go to my storefront and see everything in greater detail.

Other neutrals instead of black pants

The big reason we love black is that it goes with everything! You only have to think about what you’re wearing on top, right? Well…sort of. While it doesn’t clash, black doesn’t always create the next level look that’ll make you stand out.

Other neutral colors you can try out include: navy, grey, white, ivory, cream, taupe, camel, beige and brown…just to name a few. Other dark colors such as hunter green, burgundy, or eggplant can also serve as neutrals, but we’ll save those for senior seminar, LOL.

Yes, these other neutrals can seem a little trickier, but the payoffs are huge! Want a little cheat? Try combining neutrals, i.e. navy with camel, grey with ivory, etc. with other neutrals.

3 Stylish Pant Options Instead of Black

 Prints instead of black pants

A fine print works as a solid neutral…but so much more interesting! Take my example below, where I’ve mixed patterns. The reason it works is that the plaid pants are super subtle. When you get about 4 feet (give or take) away, they become a solid. So in this case, they morph into a simple tan pant!

Do you have to mix prints? No. You could wear just about any neutral, light or bright colored top and it’ll work. I kept the accessories simple, so they add a bit of polish to the whole look.

3 Stylish Pant Options Instead of Black


Textures instead of black pants

Much like the prints I just mentioned, textures add interest to your outfit. Treat a texture just like a print. Stand back and see what color pops out.

Next, add just about any color or even a coordinating print. I LOVE leopard print with brown tweed!

Below is a (sorta) copy-cat outfit of an outfit lots of my clients pin to their Pinterest boards as part of our collaboration to create their personal style recipe. 

3 Stylish Pant Options Instead of Black

 BONUS: Up Your Black Pant Game

Just so ya know…I’m not dogging black pants! As a professional woman, you need an extra easy fall back pant. They go with lots, and are a great staple in your wardrobe.

But…unless your black pants are in great shape, fit you well, and are as dark black as the day you bought them, they won’t be doing you any favors.

If you want that Next Level Look, you may need to up your black pant game. I’ve curated several high quality pairs below you can choose from. Psst…lots of them are knit=uber comfy!

3 Stylish Pant Options Instead of Black If you’re looking at these outfit ideas and you’re just not sure how you could make them work from what you’ve got in your closet, let’s schedule a complimentary Next Level Look Call. We’ll explore your needs and at the very least, I’ll give you a tip or two.

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