Dislike shopping? No worries, I got ‘cha

A good 99% of my clients tell me they don’t like shopping. One woman even told me she’d rather have a root canal than go shopping. Wow!

I’ve loved shopping ever since I was a little girl, but I can relate to you “non-shoppers.”

You see, as a personal stylist and personal shopper, I like shopping for CLOTHES (and of course, shoes and accessories.) But quite honestly, it’s the only kind of shopping I like.

Take me to a nursery to shop for flowers, and I’ll walk around and look at all of the gorgeous flowers, but I’m not confident picking them out or even knowing exactly where I’ll put them in my yard.

More often than not, I get overwhelmed and go home with nothing.

You see, thinking about this, it didn’t even occur to me to go to the nursery with a plan…sketching out where I’ll put the flowers or researching what kinds will grow in in our arid climate.

Flowers and plants just aren’t my thing, (she says as she looks at 2 houseplants that should have been watered Sunday…oops!)

So if you:

  • Don’t like shopping
  • Don’t know what looks good on you
  • Don’t know what to buy to add to your wardrobe
  • Are overwhelmed by your closet
  • Or can’t identify why you don’t like your wardrobe…

I completely understand! It’s just not your thing!

As the world is slowly starting to open back up again, you may be starting to stress a bit about what you’ll wear when you go back to work in the sweltering summer months.

Or maybe you’ve been doing a lot of soul searching during the lock down and know you want to evolve your personal style, but aren’t confident where to start.

I can help! Let’s talk…Luckily for you, I thrive on “all things wardrobe,” and even more, I love helping women get out of frustration and build the kind of wardrobe that let’s them be the stylish woman they’ve always wanted to be.

(Yep, I dream of having a gorgeously landscaped yard with perfect flowers all spring and summer long.)

Schedule a FREE consultation with me, and we can talk about your wardrobe and plan the steps we can take together. If the thought of this overwhelms you, relax, I got ‘cha!

Of course there’s never an obligation…just 2 gals talking. (I mean really…who else are you going to talk to about your wardrobe stress?)

And if you worry my services are too expensive, no need. I have more ways than ever that we can work together at all kinds of affordable pricing. And I can customize a package to your needs.

(I tailor my services to your needs and never expect you to fit into a package that doesn’t work for you, which is why you don’t see packages and pricing on the site.)

What are you waiting for? Schedule a time to phone chat with me today!  

Prefer a Zoom call? Schedule here.

I can’t wait to talk with you!

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