Denver Image Consultant’s Fall Trends

It’s here! My much awaited fall trend report. While I didn’t find a lot that was outrageously new, I’m happy to report there are lots of looks that are super work friendly. So today, I’m sharing my favorite fall 2015 trends worthy of adding to your professional wardrobe along with a few more that are strictly for off hours. (Sure, you spend most of your money on work clothes, but none of us work 24/7 and we all love just a little freshness!)

Today is an overview. I’ll be adding and expanding on the trends including color, accessories and shoes as the season unfolds.

‘70’s Style: Yes, we’ve seen some ‘70’s influences for a few seasons now, but this is truly the first season it’s in full force. Items to look for include: flared leg pants, high waisted pants, culottes, bow blouses and tailored blazers.

The key to make the look modern is two-fold:

  • Choose modern pieces made in updated fabrications.
  • Mix it up! You’ll look like you’re wearing a costume when you wear more than 1 or two ’70’s inspired pieces at a time.

Culottes: I know I just mentioned these, but a couple of things to know…Sure, you’re probably not going to be able to wear them with loafer and pumps, sans socks, for long. Instead, pair them with fab boots. Also, this style, albeit super comfortable, can shorten your leg quite a bit, so look for shorter tops or tuck in your blouse. (Even a quarter tuck will do.)

Wide leg pants: Again, wide leg pants aren’t totally new; however, I felt they deserve a mention. Whether you choose a solid or menswear fabric, these pants fit and flatter a lot of bodies and provide a welcome relief from the skinny styles we’ve been encased in for so long.

Nic and zoe fringe skirtFringe!: Fringe has the potential for working in some  business casual situations, but it’s way to swingy and fun for most business settings. That’s okay. We need to have fun! In addition to fringe on bags, we’re seeing fringe on skirts and as trim on cozy sweaters. I just bought this black, fringed skirt yesterday at Irresistibles and absolutely can’t wait to wear it!

Get “waisted”: The waistline has major emphasis this season. I know you may be groaning, but truly bringing attention to your waist can slim your figure instantly. Consider adding a belt to a blazer, dress, long vest, or jumpsuit. Or go with high waisted pants or skirts…they’ll make your legs look a mile long! While it may require a little experimenting to get your look just right, you really can fake (or emphasize) an hourglass figure.

Denver stylist waist

Preppy/Geek Chic: This trend includes plaids, basic sweaters, and classic patterns in colors such as red, navy and camel. Think of the Tommy Hilfiger ads and J. Crew. Again, it’s important to mix this trend with modern elements, so you don’t look like a model straight out of the Preppy Handbook.

Capes: Hmm…I haven’t really stopped wearing my camel cape I bought several years ago, but they seem to be especially popular with a plethora styles and fabrications. (And yes, a lot of them harken back to the ‘70’s.) I’ve had a lot of women say to me, “oh, you have to be tall to wear those.” True, a cape can be a natural for tall women; however, if you’re absolutely crazy for capes (um, and you’re not tall,) I encourage you to find one that works for your body and height. What I especially like about my cape is that it’s warm, but not overly so and it’s easy to wear over blazers/jackets.

patchwork cardiganPatchwork: I’m not referring to boho or granny patchwork, rather this season’s trend is more like color blocking or a pattern woven into a garment. I especially like the idea of a handbag blocked with patches.

Duster length cardigans and vests: These sweaters are longer than the boyfriend cardigans we wore a few years back. What I love about these sweaters is they’re great with slim pants and jeans, but it’s also with pencil skirts and dresses.

Of course, these are just a few of the many great choices available in the stores this season. I’ll definitely highlight more in the near future.

As I mentioned a few times above, this season is all about mixing styles. If this sounds a bit complicated to you or you’re simply bored with your wardrobe and you’d like to mix it up, please schedule a free 60-minute phone consultation with me. We’ll talk about how you can create a wardrobe that fits, flatters and helps you feel stylish, and confident all day long!

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