Decisions that impact your polished, professional image

When potential clients contact me, curious to learn more about up-leveling their wardrobes, usually it’s something they’ve been thinking about for a LONG time. As women we have such a tendency to put ourselves on the back burner! And when it comes to your wardrobe, you can put changing your style on the back burner, but since you have to get dressed every day it’ll be back there whistling away, annoying and frustrating you until you pick up the “kettle” and take actions steps toward the results you want.


The first step in creating a wardrobe that’s easy for you and one that makes you look and feel polished and professional is to make some decisions. The following decisions can head you in the right direction toward feeling the ease and confidence you desire.

Decide to take some risks. I always say, “Great Style is often born out of taking a risk.” A common rut I see women get into with their wardrobes is relying solely on basics All of these neutral basics combined together with no interesting accessories can lead to a lot of boredom with your wardrobe. I encourage you to get out of the safe neutral zone. Take some risks! Pop on a red cardigan with your black slacks. Try a blouse that’s a bit trendy. Buy and wear those cobalt suede pumps you’re lusting after!

You may be wondering, “What if I take a risk and it’s a bad decision.” I have two pieces of style wisdom you’ll find comforting. First, and you’re going to think this sounds odd coming from an image consultant, but people don’t pay quite as much attention to us as we think they do. Secondly, as long as you’re not all of a sudden wearing animal print from head to toe in a conservative office, you should be okay. Small style risks can elicit compliments, but I have a hard time believing you’ll garner negative attention from a simple, small change.

Decide to do things a little differently…perhaps a little outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you never wear jewelry because you’re not 100% sure what’s right for you or it’s too time consuming, make the decision to go the extra mile and take that extra effort in the morning to finish your look.

Decide to become committed to your wardrobe and image. Did you feel a twinge of anxiety when you read the word “committed?”  I know it can conjure up visions of hours of endless shopping; however, managing your style doesn’t have to be time consuming or take over your life. I’m simply talking about putting a little extra effort in on the front end.

For example, if you’ve given up on your style, because you can’t wear heels comfortably anymore, commit to finding the most interesting, comfortable flats/low heels you can and pair them with just the right looks to make you feel absolutely fabulous.

Or be committed to finding clothes that are spectacular-things you love versus things that “will do.” Surely you’ve heard me say this before!

A final example that comes to mind is being committed to buying complete outfits and letting go of the “but it’s on sale” mentality. When I shop with a client and we’re going over her final purchase decisions, we eliminate anything that doesn’t go with what we’re purchasing or her existing wardrobe…whether the item is full price or a whopping 70% off!

I encourage you to make some positive wardrobe decisions! Whether you decide to take risks, do things differently, or become committed to your wardrobe and image, you’ll start reaping the rewards of compliments, renewed enthusiasm and feeling polished and professional in your wardrobe.


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