Create Outfits You Love!

Do you struggle to put outfits together? Do you wear outfits just one way, maybe the way they were displayed in the store? And you get bored with your clothes, so you end up going shopping to buy more clothes? Or do you have pieces in your closet you loved in the store, but you have NO IDEA how to create outfits with them?

Today’s post is all about how to create outfits, so you’ll have unique outfits you love…that are interesting and feel just like YOU!

Be sure to watch the video to see all of my outfit combinations and how to make them work!

How to Create Outfits You Love

I’ve started with a more complicated outfit and work down to more basic outfits.

The first way to create a new outfit in your closet (or when you’re shopping) is to mix patterns. Here are a couple of “rules” to remember, so you’ll look chic, not crazy!

Each piece should have 2 or more colors in common. In my outfit, the common colors are black and white.

One pattern should be dominant and the other should be subordinate. In other words, one should be bold and the other should be a bit quieter.

Most of the time, you can think of striped pants as being solid. In the video, essentially my pants can be thought of as black. That makes choosing the top a lot easier.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but relatively simple pieces are easiest to use when you’re mixing prints.

To tone down the mixed patterns, top the outfit with a solid blazer or cardigan.

So to break down my process, I first choose my pieces in this order:

  1. Pants (or any bottom piece)
  2. Top
  3. Jacket/cardigan/coat
  4. Shoes
  5. Jewelry: (here’s how to choose your jewelry and get it right every time!)

Another key concept to know to create more outfits is that most neutrals go with almost any color. For example, you can truly wear any color with black and white!

If you still aren’t crazy about mixing prints, no worries! Here are some other outfit ideas:

  • Black/white striped pants
  • Black top
  • Black Jacket
  • Pop of color in jewelry and/or shoes


  • Black/white striped pants
  • Bright colored top
  • White jacket
  • Jewelry
  • Black shoes or match shoes and top


  • Black pants
  • Floral print top (black background)
  • White cardigan
  • Jewelry-choose a color out of the top)
  • Colored or black shoes

These are just a FEW ideas! I encourage you to get in your closet and start experimenting! Have fun with your clothes!

Create outfits with guidelines I’ve shared, you’ll have a larger wardrobe…all without having to go shopping! AND you’ll have a mix and match wardrobe that’s sure to get you compliments, and increase your CONFIDENCE!

Over to you…what are your favorite patterns to mix?

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