Cozy At-Home Outfits for the Holidays

I’ve never had a client say she didn’t want to be comfortable. I mean, really…I don’t believe in forsaking comfort for fashion!

And especially during the holidays when it’s cold, and we’re eating and drinking at home with friends and family we want to be extra comfy and even COZY!

Ever since I saw the red satin pants featured on Instagram the other day, I can’t get them out of my head. I love the look with the casual sweater, and personally, I think wide leg pants are way more comfortable than skinny pants and jeans any day!

And wide legs aren’t just for dressy wear anymore! It’s all about the shoes and what you wear with them.

The trick to wearing a wide leg and flares is doing a small tuck in the front or wearing a shorter sweater, like the patterned one. And instead of wearing a super high heel, opt for a kitten heel or even a flat sneaker (what?!)

And especially if you’re in your own home, who cares if your pants drag on the ground just a bit!

Ah, but I know not everyone loves a wide leg, so I included dark purple, skinny pants/jeans. Again, the trick to keeping your look modern is a small little tuck in the front, so the cozy, oversized sweater doesn’t eat you up!

Feel free to click on the look below to shop! OR I hope you’ll be inspired to play with the fabrics and textures in your closet to create your own cozy outfits!

cozy holiday outfits

You’ll notice all 3 of these outfits feature yummy textures…velvet, cashmere, satin and mohair. They’re perfect for an easy elegant, COZY at home look, whether you’re at your house or traveling to friends and family.

Over to you…will you wear wide leg pants for the holidays?

Give me a holler if you need any help creating holiday or any cozy, winter outfits!

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