Comfortable, Professional Spring Shoe Trends

Would you? Could you wear these shoes?high heels Not me!

As an image and wardrobe consultant in my busiest season, I am on my feet in closets and stores all day long. Comfortable shoes have never been more paramount to me. Quite honestly, a good majority (um, like 99%) of my clients also tell me they want comfortable, stylish, professional looking shoes to be part of their ideal wardrobes.

Great news! This is the spring for comfortable shoes! It’s also the spring for professional shoes, meaning really great sandals that are office appropriate.

Although heels will never be out, flats and low heels are truly the more stylish shoes of the moment, and the variety is seemingly endless. Today, I want to talk about what makes sandals O.K. for work. And if you work in an environment that doesn’t allow open toe shoes, I’ll talk about the shoe trends out there for you as well.

First in terms of professionalism, closed toe shoes are the ultimate way to go; however, plenty of my successful, professional clients wear open toe shoes and sandals on a regular basis in warm weather. Because they’re wearing the right style, they’re still taken seriously! What makes a “professional sandal?” Here are a few things to look for:

  • It’s refined and has the look of a dressy shoe.
  • There’s a tailored appearance.
  • The leather is sleek with minimal stitching.
  • There are few to no bulky details. (Unfortunately, this is the hallmark of many comfort sandals. Read here if “comfort” shoes are what you need.)
  • They cover much of the foot. (Flip-flops or thongs expose way too much of your feet!)


Work worthy sandals


What’s in style for closed toe spring/summer shoes? I’m finding tons of sleek pointy toe loafers. (Buy them just a little big; stuff the toes, and they’ll be as comfy as a round toe!)

You’ll also be perfectly stylish in a tailored, ballet flat, (read: with a small heel and a rigid sole.)

And I can barely contain my excitement at the return of flat sling backs! Traditional styles and half oxford/half sling backs are fun new choices.

spring/summer work flats


If you missed the spring trend report, check it here. And then follow these tips when you add fabulous office worthy sandals and flats into your wardrobe!

For more spring shoe trends, check out my Spring 2015 Pinterest board.

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