A winter, wool coat for all


When the mercury dips, a wool or wool blend coat is a great choice of topper to ward off the chill and look stylish.

Before I started Elements of Image, I lived in Southern California for a few years. Not once while living there did I need a wool coat. (Or any coat; a leather jacket was the heaviest.) Not being a coat person in the first place, I convinced myself that because the sun is so warm in my car, and I wear a lot of jackets while driving anyway, I didn’t need a winter coat. Rather stupidly and quickly, I found out it’s impossible to forego a winter coat (one evening while attending an evening event downtown.) And it’s even more impossible to show up for work  without a coat when the temperature is calling for it!

Especially if you commute to work, your winter coat is often an integral part of your look, so why not choose a coat or two to complement your shape and keep you warm. An additional bonus I love about a dressier wool coat is that while being the perfect topper for business clothes, a nice coat will elevate the look of any casual outfit (sans sneakers or hiking boots, of course!)

While I completely recommend trying on all coats that appeal to you, here are some styles to seek for figure flattery.


Create instant curves with a fitted coat, especially one that flares below your waist. Lucky you can afford details galore, such as wide lapels, epaulettes, tie belts and large pockets.


You’ll want a coat that emphasizes your upper body while accommodating your lower half. Plush faux fur collars and wide lapels are your new BFF’s. Try a double-breasted, lady-like fit and flare coat in a fun color!

Inverted triangle

You’re the opposite of the triangle, so a narrow lapelled, single-breasted coat with details around the hips, such as a peplum or patch pockets, is perfect for you. You’re also a great candidate for a fabulous cape. It fits well over your wide shoulders and adds a little width to your hips for balance. (I love my cape and am searching to replace it, as I’ve worn it to death!)


Your number one goal is to enhance your curvy shape without adding any bulk. Show off your waist with either a tie belt or one of your own fab leather belts. A knee length or longer style will balance out your figure.

If you have put off finding a winter coat, now is the time while the post holiday sales are in full swing. (I like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack for coats.) Try on several coats to see what you like, following these guidelines, and you’re sure to find a flattering coat(s) that will last you several seasons.


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