A Perfect Pair

As much as I love color, lately I’ve been wearing a lot of neutrals.  You know how much I believe in basics and I’ve recently found an outfit formula that’s easy, elegant and fresh.

white summer blouse and white jacket

Up Top

The outfit formula is basically a solid colored neutral top with the same hued jacket. Essentially it’s an “unmatched twin set.” As you can see below I’m wearing a white blouse with a white jacket and jeans.

A guideline for wearing a monochromatic color scheme is to vary the textures. I don’t wear much texture…unless it’s flat. I’m just not a fan of nubby or bulky!

You can’t really see it very well in this photo, but I am wearing two different textures. Of course, the blouse is very smooth, but the jacket is linen and crinkled linen in that it has a somewhat coarse texture and was never completely smooth.

While you may not think about accessories having texture, they definitely add texture to your outfit. I’ve added my cultured, baroque shaped pearls to my summer jewelry uniform adding a little more texture.

Here’s another example if white’s not your thing!

coral colored outfit formula



On the bottom…

I’ve paired my outfit formula with jeans, but certainly white pants or jeans are definitely an option to continue the monochromatic color scheme. You could even go crazy and wear a pair of bright colored pants. Or be more subdued and wear black pants.

On the same note, I’ve chosen skinny pants. You can feel free to add a skirt or wide legged pants. If your blouse is flowy like mine (more on that later…) it will work better tucked in with the skirt or wide leg pants.

Truly the sky is the limit when it comes to silhouettes. Choose what works best for you!

Mixing it up

I’m wearing a white “twin set” today, but I’ve also been doing the exact same thing with a black combo. Really, I have the same blouse in black, and I pair it with a crepe jacket that has bell sleeves. It’s not a huge texture difference, but I still feel great and it is elegant to boot!

Depending on my mood or the weather, I’ll either wear my summer jewelry uniform or layer some necklaces to brighten it up a bit.

Even though I’m choosing neutrals, feel free to wear tops and jackets other colors, keeping to the same hue (for this outfit formula.) I add necklaces for interest, but you may prefer a scarf. A solid colored one can strengthen the look and add a ton more texture to the monochromatic dolor scheme.

I have a great coral crinkled, linen scarf I got in Paris many years ago…I just might have to get a coral blouse and jacket!

Not one to duplicate outfits a lot most of the year round, I’m always looking for ways to just “grab ‘n go” in the summer. This outfit formula has saved me many times already this spring, and I’m sure I’ll keep with my monochromatic top combos for the rest of the summer season.




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