6 Tips for a Polished Image

When I ask my clients how they want to feel, look, and be perceived, a very popular answer is “polished and put together.” So I’ve put together 6 ways to help you bring a little polish into your look for with ease.

1. Have a make-up/cosmetics routine. I wear a moderate amount of make up each day and have found what makes it quick and easy is using the same cosmetics, in the same order every (most) days. It cuts down the time consuming creativity and decision making process, especially helpful if you’re not a morning person like me. If you prefer a natural look, primer, BB cream or tinted moisturizer or just a simple lip color will help you look more polished.

2. Create and document go-to outfits you love. To quote my friend and fellow image consultant, Elena Daciuk, “it’s better to look good every day than to look different every day.” Sure it’s fun to create new outfits in your closet, but for times when you’re not feeling creative or short on time, having documented go-to outfits that you know make you feel amazing are priceless.

A Polished Image

3. Make sure your clothes fit you perfectly. Inexpensive clothes that fit you well look more polished and expensive than high dollar items that are too tight or too big for you. Find a good tailor for the clothes that almost fit. Have her or him make the adjustments for a perfect fit.

4. Add a scarf. A scarf will add instant polish to almost any outfit. (Ask your favorite French friend all about it!) Here’s the thing…it doesn’t matter if you don’t know “how” to tie a scarf. There’s no perfect way. Play around with it–have fun, and soon you’ll be in love with all of those scarves that have been languishing in your top drawer! (If you want a few more tips on scarves, go here.)

5. Always accessorize! Even the simplest outfit will look more polished with accessories. For a professional look, earrings and a necklace are naturals. Create go to jewelry combinations you know will work with a variety of outfits (see #2.) And remember, dressy jewelry will lift the look of your casual clothes, but casual jewelry (usually) drags down your work looks…concentrate on the former.

6. Throw on a blazer. You won’t find a piece that works harder in your wardrobe. Whether you top a t-shirt and jeans or a skirt and blouse, a blazer adds instant polish. An added bonus is that a fitted blazer that fits you perfectly gives you the illusion of a smaller waist. And after the holidays, who doesn’t want that?

Looking polished doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, just a little effort…consistently. I know you’ll love how you feel when you’re more polished!

I help take the stress out of getting dressed. Please contact me to learn how I can help you create a polished image.

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