6 Clothing Items to Purge from Your Closet Immediately

After the closet cleaning


Two buzzworthy topics that are particularly popular right now are simplifying your life and mindfulness. More than just being buzzworthy, both subjects are proven to create a much calmer, and much more focused lifestyle for all of us.

Yet, being a wardrobe consultant, I ask “how in the world can you ever achieve mindfulness when getting dressed and a more simple, stress free life (well less stressed anyway,) when your closet is stuffed to the gills with clothes and accessories and shoes that are simply not serving you any longer?”

But I know the thought of tackling your closet can just be completely overwhelming! And you can almost always find other tasks that always take precedence over this one; however, having an organized closet with clothes you really want to wear takes the stress out of getting dressed and perhaps even time for a second cup of coffee in the morning.

So today versus asking you to carve several hours out of your already busy schedule for a closet clean out, here’s how you can edit and organize your closet in small bites. Simply edit 1 or 2 categories at a time.

I’ll add 2 caveats…it is more efficient to undertake “Project Closet” all at once. AND you may have a few more categories to edit, (everyone is different,) but this is an excellent start, and you’ll notice more ease immediately.

6 clothing items to purge from your closet

Things that don’t fit and can’t be altered

Sifting through clothes that are either too big or too small when trying to figure out what you want to wear to work in the morning wreaks havoc on your mental psyche, putting you in a bad mood or depressing you. This post can help you make a little more sense of this category.

Clothes/accessories that are stained, ripped, need repairing, or are worn out.

If you truly loved these items you would have made the effort to fix them. If you have a few things you just aren’t ready to retire, enlist a professional to help right away.

Other items that belong in this category are shoes and handbags that are completely worn out. You know the ones…the shoes you should have gotten rid of 6 months ago. Sure, you may still love them, but every time you consider wearing them you think, “Oh, I shouldn’t!”

Clothes with sentimental value, but they’re out of date or don’t fit.

Often times my clients have clothes they simply can’t part with because they create such wonderful memories. I get it. For these things, I always suggest creating a “museum”, as one of my clients long ago first put it. BUT…The museum cannot be in the closet you get dressed from! Find a storage space for such things where you can reminisce on occasion, but they shouldn’t be taking up valuable real estate in your clothing closet.

Clothing that doesn’t fit your lifestyle

Perhaps you have 10 business suits from your corporate days gathering dust, but now you work for a tech company, and business casual is the dress code. While 1 or 2 suits are a good idea for any wardrobe, the rest (especially the dated ones,) should go. Or maybe you were a stay at home mom for years and have tons of t’s jeans. Sure, a few for weekends are fine, but ultimately your clothing needs to be proportionate with your lifestyle. Otherwise, you’ll be fooled into thinking you have plenty of clothes when the truth is you don’t have enough of the right clothes.

Things you just don’t love anymore

Even if you consider yourself uber-practical and buy classic clothes, there often comes a time where you find you do just not love an item any longer. It languishes day after day, year after year in your closet.

I recently retired several sweaters. It was hard—they were still in good condition and had been expensive, but I simply didn’t feel good in them anymore and hadn’t worn them for a couple of seasons. It just doesn’t make sense to have clothes and accessories like this taking up space in the closet any longer!

Things you’ve never worn or have only worn once

Ah, this category is a bit complicated! Clearly, if you’ve just bought something and are waiting for the right weather or you know how to wear it and when you’re going to wear it (in the near future,) it stays.

On the other hand, if these things have been hanging out in your closet for a long time with the tags still on them, and you’re not quite sure why you bought them—out they go!

Now then…you may run into items that you’re unsure of the fit, how to wear, etc. It may be time to call your honest, (objective) fashionable friend orcontact a wardrobe consultant for help.

As I’ve mentioned, I absolutely know it can be arduous to go through your closet. And it can be emotional to get rid of things you loved or spent hard earned money on. But in the long run, a closet with clothes you love, that fit you, and are 100% wearable pays off in spades!

You’ll be able to be much more mindful when you’re getting dressed in the mornings. And you’ll be amazed at how paring down your closet will simplify not only your mornings, but also your whole life! Now, what are you going to do with all that extra time each morning?

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