5 Secrets to finding your perfect pair of jeans

change the look of your blazer, t-shirt and jeans

change the look of your blazer, t-shirt and jeans

Shopping for jeans is my favorite hobby…said no one ever! I have an inverted triangle body shape (wide shoulders, smaller lower body,) so I actually have a harder time finding tops than bottoms. Nevertheless, like you, I have my challenges finding the perfect pair of jeans. Here are a few tips, some based on my personal experience, to help you find your denim for fall!

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Quite honestly, I don’t really need another pair of jeans. I have a few, and I actually don’t wear jeans all that much. In the summer, I never wear jeans, but when the cool, fall wind starts to blow, I’ll be ready for a new pair. I already own skinny and straight leg jeans and am on the quest for something different!

The perfect boyfriends (um, jeans,) flares and bells bottoms are currently in the running for space in my closet. I’m toying with a second pair of cropped, flared jeans just for fun.

To avoid trying on every style jean in the store(s), do a little homework to define what styles and washes of jeans you might like to try. You can tear from catalogues/magazines or create a Pinterest board to take with you on your shopping trip(s).

It’s no absolutely necessary to change styles if you’re perfectly happy with your denim style; however, I encourage you to become familiar with the current styles and perhaps make a small change.

Love skinny jeans? Try a new wash or higher rises. Happy with your straight legs? Check out a slimmer cut or higher Lycra content (for a more modern look and better fit.) On the other hand…if you’ve been wearing the same style of Lee Riders since the late 90’s, it’s definitely time for an update!

2. Know your body

You can find some tips on body type and figure flattery here; however, with jeans, you can break a lot of rules, so when you’re experimenting, consider them flexible guidelines. Often times the most flattering jeans will be what’s most comfortable. For example, if you have ample (womanly,) thighs  and you always feel like a sausage in skinny jeans, skip them and opt for a trouser jean! Do you have a long rise? Low waist jeans will never be comfortable, so choose  a mid-rise or high waist jean.

Being familiar with your body shape will also help you describe your needs and wants to your salesperson. She will be able to then recommend brands and styles that will work for you.

2. Be prepared to try on boat loads of jean!

It’s perfectly normal to try on many pairs of jeans to find your perfect pair: you love them; they’re comfy;   they fit well  and flatter your booty. Keep in mind that there are a lot of bodies out there, and there’s something for everyone!

3. Sometimes a perfect fit is achieved with alterations

It’s very common to find jeans that fit well in the hips and thighs but are way to big in the waist. It’s an easy alteration to take in the waist! Recently I worked with a client who loved a pair of pants, but they were a little tight in the calves. We called the tailor into the fitting room, and again, we found it was an easy fix. When you find a pair of jeans that seem perfect in every way but one, it’s definitely worth exploring an alteration!

4. Shop for jeans at stores with liberal return policies

I currently have a pair of J Brand Love Story jeans sitting in my closet with the tags still on them. And I also have a pair I bought online in the same brand in my return bag. The former pair was on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and while I wasn’t quite sure about them, I didn’t want to miss out on the sale price. I happened to see the latter pair in an ad while I was reading a blog. They were a great sale price, so I decided to give them a try.

While I’m not big fan of this style of shopping it happens from time to time. It’s always important to have the option of returning clothing, especially if you’re experimenting with a new style!

Sure,  jeans shopping isn’t always fun, but a little advance planning and patience will reward you with a great new pair of jeans that fits, flatters and refreshes your wardrobe.


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