5 Outfit Ideas for a Professional Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine’s Day is almost here! I love dressing up for work even though this year it’s on Saturday…So if you like dressing for it, start planning now for Friday the 13th. Yikes, we better wear pink and red to ward off the bad luck that day, right?

Even if you’re not superstitious, dressing in colors of the love holiday can brighten your spirits. Today, I want to give you some ideas for color combinations you might already have in your closet and never thought of wearing.

First, tomato red and blush pink makes a much unexpected color combination. I’m seeing blush everywhere in the stores for spring. There’s no reason you need to wait until spring to wear it, but make sure to wear fabrics for the weather that day. If the tomato and blush from head to toe seem a bit much for your office, pair them with winter white pants.

blush and tomato

A second “Valentiney” combination is pink and black. Light pink and black seems so retro to me. Again, it can be very subtle such as a black skirt and light pink blouse. Here’s the thing…the combo needs to look intentional, so be sure to accessorize. You could also look for a pink and black print, making sure it’s not too sweet.

Red from head to toe is also a big trend right now and looks amazing on women with dark hair. Why not try red pants with a red sweater? For work, you might want to tone it down with a neutral blazer.

Not into the whole red and pink thing? Wine and maroon (which Olivia Palermo, my style crush wears so gorgeously,) are beautiful alternatives, albeit a little less festive. BUT sometimes depending on where you work and what’s on your docket for the day, red and pink aren’t always your best choices anyway. I encourage you to have fun with your Valentine’s Day outfit, but always make sure it’s saying what you want it to say to the right people.

Burgundy for Valentine's Day

If you need more inspiration, hop on over to my Valentine’s Day or Red Pants Pinterest pages where I’ve pinned quite a few cute Valentine’s Day looks. (You don’t need to have an account to look, but if you do, I’d love it if you’d follow me!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts—will you create a special Valentine’s Day color combo this year?

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