4 Things stylists do that you don’t



I should start by saying I truly don’t mean for the title of this blog to sound as snarky as it does, (which is why I added the “probably” in.) However, I have to say I sort of “borrowed” the title from another blog, because even though I’m a personal stylist, (and wardrobe/image consultant,) I am a total sucker for “warnings” like this. U was intrigued enough to click through and find some great info. While the “rules” I’m outlining below aren’t necessarily new, they’re a good reminder to us all…even me!

4 Things stylists do that you don’t

They buy complete outfits

There isn’t much training out in the big world that teaches the wisdom in buying complete outfits. So if you’re guilty of this one, don’t beat yourself up, but read on…

What often happens when you don’t buy pants or a skirt (and shoes) to coordinate with the sweater you just fell in love with is that you get it home and have no idea what to wear it with. You might try it with a couple of garments you own, but you don’t feel confident with them, and in the long run, that new sweater you were head over heels with never gets worn.

On the other hand, when you buy complete outfits, you not only have something to wear immediately, but you begin to amass some basics. When you have basics, along with more interesting fashion items, you’re able to build a wardrobe with plenty of mix and match possibilities. As time wears on, the need to always buy complete outfits lessens, since you’ll know you have something already in your closet to wear with your new find.

They consider cost per wear and scrutinize purchases carefully

I always caution women to never buy something just because it was on sale. First, heed the “buy a complete outfit” advice above…no matter how fab the bargain is. There’s something magical for most of us in scoring a great deal, but try to temper that euphoria with a bit of practicality. Then consider:

  • Is it my personal style?
  • Do I love it?
  • Is it good quality?
  • Does it fit in with my lifestyle?

Unless the answer to all four questions is “yes,” it’s likely that your find isn’t such a great deal after all. If the answer is “yes,” you’re going to have plenty of reasons to want to wear the item often, which ultimately drives down the cost per wear.

They plan outfits in advance

“Effortless” is a big buzzword in today’s fashion climate, but quite honestly, appearing effortless requires some planning, or a bit of effort.

I can’t imagine there’s a professional woman on earth who hasn’t experienced one of those mornings. You know, you try on outfit after outfit and still walk out the door stressed and still unsatisfied with the final choice.

By creating outfits in advance documenting them with all the details of when and where you’d wear them, you know you always have something in advance. And having already tried out the outfit, you know it goes together and flatters you…allowing you to forget about it and put your attention on more important matters. You look effortless and you’ll feel as though it was effortless!

They accessorize every day

Accessorizing is actually part of creating complete outfits, but it bears talking about separately. Accessories are crucial for looking and feeling stylish. Jewelry, scarves, belts and complementary shoes are the key to finishing your look and giving it that something special.

Wearing well chosen accessories has so many benefits, but one big one that not many people think about it that people will never wonder if you’ve forgotten your earrings or you meant to wear “those shoes.”

There’s a strong possibility you may have scoffed at that last comment, but truly, our clothes and accessories are very strong communicators. You can never know 100% what’s going through someone else’s mind, but by doing your very best and by following my tips, you can feel confident about what you’re wearing and “take the stress out of getting dressed!”

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