3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Winter Outfits

Are you as sick of winter as I am?? In Colorado, we have been getting tons of snow…I mean I haven’t seen the grass in my front yard since October!

Usually I get really sick of my winter clothes right about now, but this year I’ve been focusing on really mixing it up, so I feel like my wardrobe is looking much fresher this year.

It’s so easy to get in a rut and wear the same sweater and pants uniform over and over, so today I’m starting a series called 3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Winter Outfits. And of course, I’m sharing  outfit ideas!

Total transparency here…I started this post and intended to show all 3 strategies, but…it got way too long! So I’ll share one today and the other 2 in coming posts, so be sure to stay tuned! So without much further adieu…

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Winter Outfits

Play with new to you color combinations.

I bought the blouse I’m wearing below on a bit of a whim. After I wore it on its own, I realized I liked the color, but it didn’t make me happy wearing it.

So I decided to play a bit and paired it with my long burgundy cardigan and a scarf I love. You may be thinking , “it doesn’t really match, Dana.” True!  The blouse is kind of a pumpkin color, but the scarf has a true orange in it. And the scarf has more of a magenta than burgundy. It’s OK! Colors don’t need to match. They just have to go! 

Feel free to experiment with your color combos. Quite honestly, I didn’t even really realize how different the colors are until I looked at this photo…and I still love it! Freeing yourself from always matching perfectly will open up tons of combos for you!

interesting color combination


I know it can be hard to think of color combos with the clothes in your closet, so I’ve put a couple more outfits together for you! I definitely hope this post will help you shop your closet!

I’m using a new platform, where you can go directly to my store front to check out all of the outfit inspo I’ve created. If you see something you love and need, you can click an item and buy it in a snap! (At no extra cost to you, I will earn a small percentage, so if you buy something…a huge thanks from me!) 

There are very light arrows on the left and right so you can scroll through the pieces in the outfit along with other fab items that fit into the color schemes.

If you’re on your phone and having trouble seeing the outfits, click here…I’m hoping it’s just my phone 😬.

First up…Aubergine (eggplant) and teal! Don’t have eggplant in your closet? Burgundy is fine. Don’t love green based teal? Sub in peacock blue, turquoise or even light blue…they all work!

Below you see the combo of brown and hot pink. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of always reaching for an ivory top when you’re wearing brown, but since brown is neutral, you can truly wear almost any shade with it.

I’ve shown warm brown, but a dark brown or rosy based brown is fine, too. Is hot pink just a little too bright for you? Blush pink and brown are gorgeous together! (I think I’m buying the lighter brown wide leg pants. Only $58! I just purged a similar pair I’d had over 10 years!)

The way out of any rut is to be intentional. Set a little time aside on a Saturday morning, put on some great music and shop your closet. (And yes, you absolutely have to try your combos on to be totally sure they work.) Have fun throwing the rules out the window and creating some outfits you’ve never thought of before…it’ll be like you have a whole new winter wardrobe!

P.S. Do you like these little outfit collages? I can help you create your outfits and create these visuals with your clothes! And you’ll always know exactly what to wear! What?! E-mail me to find out how.

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