3 Ways to Copy a Fab Outfit

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Forget that! You’re just looking for some inspiration to shop your closet for your next “new” fab outfit! Since chances are slim that you own the exact clothes and accessories you admire from a blog, Pinterest,  online catalogue/magazine or an outfit  you see in real life, I’ll share 3 different ways you can copy an outfit. The more you practice, the better copy catter and the more intuitive and creative you’ll be with creating looks all your own…extending your closet without doing any (or much) shopping!

Color Scheme

Once you’ve found an outfit you really like, ask yourself, “Do I have any pieces in my closet in those colors?”.  For example, you might see a fashion photo of black pants, a black tank top, with a cobalt cardigan layered over it. Chances are pretty good you’ve got a black top and black pants. Do you have a cobalt layering piece? If not, check for a different bright color that would create a similar look.

I was inspired by this photo, to create the outfit below.  Of course, the pieces aren’t 100% the same, but I actually thought it was pretty amazing that I had such similar ones! I’m very creative (and modest, lol) but I wouldn’t have thought of creating this color scheme (as I rarely wear all neutrals.) This has become one of my favorite outfits!

copy cat rev

Once you’ve found your pieces, try them on together. (It’s the only way to tell if the look is right!) Then while you’ve got the outfit on, choose your shoes and complementary accessories. Next, document the outfit, so you’ll remember it and be all set when you’re ready to wear it. Repeat this process for each of the next two ways I outline below.

If pattern inspires you more than color, you can also use a pattern as your inspiration. Here’s an easy to copy outfit inspired by houndstooth checks.

blk white copy cat

Do a Pinterest or Google search for a piece you already own

Let’s say you really love your new cropped pants, but you’ve worn them the same 2 ways all summer. Do a search for cropped pants (in the color you have,) and see what comes up. Most fashion bloggers combine trend items with basics, so the chance you having similar piece in your closet to complete the outfit are excellent! I’ve actually created boards for my red cropped pants and purple ankle pants.

Do a Pinterest or other online search by occasion

I was so sick of trying to figure out what to wear in the spring when it wouldn’t stop raining! I was super busy shopping for clients, and I’ll admit, I think dressing for rain is kind of tricky. So I did a Pinterest search for “rainy day outfits.” (This kind of search is a little more advanced, as the chances of finding a a good match to your closet is lower since it’s a more random search.) I found this idea and  was inspired to wear this gray raincoat I found in San Francisco.  I didn’t copy the outfit exactly, but wore my raincoat with a black flared skirt, black and white striped top, black tights, and black flats.

anorak 2

I encourage you to use Pinterest, other online sources, and real live women you admire to inspire new outfits to help you extend your wardrobe. I also invite you to peruse the outfit posts on my blog starting here, here and here!


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